Saturday, November 15, 2014

A note about the last posting

I posted many pictures from the tail end of our summer tour. way over due. I feel bad about not getting them out sooner. I didn't have proper time to label all the pics so I just let them go . Enjoy them anyways.

Tour ends. Prep for the future

We arrived back in Cali two weeks ago. The state is indeed dry and our local lake is just a creek now. Our spring was cold, our summer, out of Cali, was cool, and the beginning of fall was cool, until we got to Cali. It's hot.

We took our time on the return. After CT we headed to Eureka near St Louis. We had a stop over at my cousins' home in Toledo.  We were refreshed when we got there and all went relatively smoothly.  Our only real trouble was getting power for the RV and show.  That worked itself out as a generator was finally provided. The crowds were big at Eureka Days and we added a lot of new fans to our social media pages. We also had a chance to see friends we had made at last years' show.

I will tell the story with pictures. They are not in any order.

An 07 Mustang I saw and started while car hunting with CC this past month. Cool car and wow did it sound fantastic. 

Bullitt....the Steve McQueen Movie was filmed in SF.  Vic Jr and I studied the locations of the shoot and went to SF the week we came back to Cali.  This Poster is at the store across the street from Frank Bullitt's house.

Bullitt's house.

Store across from the house. Bullitt goes in and buys a bunch of TV dinners in the movie.  The store clerks told us the store has been used in many movies and TV since the film in 1968.  You can see it in the up coming earthquake movie, "San Andreas"

Top of the Mark, Mark Hopkins Hotel.

Mark Hopkins Hotel was in the opening scenes of Bullitt.

Grace Cathedral steps...another Bullitt site.

Grace Cathedral

really cool 3-D door at Grace.

The senator's house. It wasn't gated in 68. 

The same house now has a Japanese Flag flying in front.  Russian Hill area.

There were some tough finds on the tour. This was a street used in the chase scene.  We were hunting for it and since one of the streets names had changed since the movie we had difficulty. So we pulled over and looked at some stills from the film and bam we were sitting right there. 

Enrico' more. Now it is the Naked Lunch.  In the stripper district. This is were Frank Bullitt met an informant. 

Our tour of the chase scenes sites took us down Marina Street so we took a break and visited the nearby Ft Point. 

Victor bought a confederate hat while at Ft Point. They have fixed up a few rooms as museums.

Cynthia and her new car (new to her).  Since she has landed a great job at the lineman's college she could afford a car of her own.  Driving a 15 passenger van was cramping her style.