Thursday, January 29, 2009

Updates January 09

First- the great JC Dunn and Victor Kent will be visiting the Magic Castle in Hollywood February 1 and 2 on a social visit. If you are in the area first round is on us!

January is always a light month for performances for us and this January is no different. We have been using the time updating, booking, repairing, practicing, networking, marketing, and brainstorming. As a result we have a longer Summer East coast tour; new illusions and routines; new costumes; and all around updated programs.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Day ins SF

We were invited by the legendary Jay Alexander, SF's foremost magician, to attend a gathering of local performers at Lefty O'Douls on Friday night. Jugglin' Jim and I went up together. We wanted to make a few stops so we headed up early. Our first stop was Misdirections Magic Shop on 9th Ave. It is a fully stocked wonderland of magic. Joe and his wife Melisa were very kind and we spent a little while chit chatting.
before coming up Jim and I decided we would do street food or finger food all day so we headed down to Judah Ave and found a joint that sells bagel dogs...real good ones...foot long ones. It was nice!
From there we hopped in our 15 passenger van (which I am sure thrilled the two Greenpeace nuts trying to stop people with wide open arms, ready for a hug, that worked the corner there at 9th and Judah. "You want to talk to me! ...Do you love mother earth?" was their cry to each person passing by. I said, "I love mother earth...she's hot!"
We headed down to Clement Street. Clement street is the real China town. The food is inexpensive and real...not like to poor tourists where dealing with downtown. We stopped by one shop and picked up two huge chicken-onion skewer thingies that were awesome. Followed that with two humongous steamed pork buns filled with that "Unique to SF" red pork filling. We popped into a few shops to look around and then jumped back into the BIG VAN to take Geary to it's end.
Geary terminates or more correctly turns into another road at the Sutro Baths, the Cliff House, Seal Rock or the Pacific Ocean...take your pick. We parked the van and immediately noticed two things. Fists their were a lot of fire trucks. And their were Ninjas. A fireman told me they were unrelated. The firemen were testing some new equipment. That would be cut short due to a call and they all headed off with sirens. The Ninjas were a low end film group prepping for a shoot in the area.
I was hoping to take Jim to the Cliff House to show him the old music box and old time arcade museum under the main part of the old restaurant. Turned out they had completely redone the old building and added to it. It was all modern cement, girders and glass. The old gift shop, museum, and restaurant had died and this ugly hoity toity trash heap was put in it's place. It doesn't fit their next to the ruins of the old Sutro Baths that look so much like an ancient world archeology dig. the old seal rock and the tired Ocean beach.
Jim and I climbed down the steps to the old baths and since the tide was out we were able to go through some old caves and climb around the ruins. The climb up convinced me I was old. My calves ache the memory to me now as I type this out.
After a rest we hopped back in our Texas Mini-van and headed to Daly City following the coastline. I lived in North Daly City while I went to College at SFSU over 20 years ago. Westlake Joe's was still there and smelling great as we drove by. But the old outside mall had changed and so much had been added and/or moved about. My old apartment was still there and looked the same but the Lions Coffee Shop was now some fancy Bistro. Again way out of place.
We parked at the Daly City BART station and headed into the City where we would hang out until dinner.
Full of tourists and the mixed smells of the city (good and bad). Exiting the Powell Street Station a group of bandanna and baseball clad college kids protested Scientology with signs and flyers. Cowards...why protest with masks.
The street bustled with street performers, tourists, locals, and the homeless.
The pictures below show the people and places we experienced.
We showed up early to Lefty O'Douls, a bub that bragged the best Corned least according to their Irish green and white sign. Lefty's has been around forever. When I worked in the city so long ago I passed it a billion times but never went in. I guess I was stupid. The Corned beef sandwich was incredible...and it didn't break the bank.
Slowly the performers, not dressed in their costumes and fancy duds but in their street clothes, filed in. We met many wonderful people and shared stories and told jokes. Strangely no one besides Jim and I did any tricks or stunts, or anything form the "job". I nailed a nail into my nose and did a couple of tricks for the Lefty's staff and a few customers and Jim balanced a chair on his chin. It was the first time I ever experienced a group of magicians getting together and no one performed. Oh , well. it was a great night after all and I have no complaints and only compliments for everyone.
Low end Ninja flick prepping to film near Sutro baths, Seal Rock and the Cliff House.
Met "Miruki" the balloon twister on Powell Street.

Had a slice at the legendary Blondies Pizza....BIG NY style pizza.

This is Nate Jackson. As we were crossing the street at Union Square a pimped out black van with tandem rear wheels...jet black and polished cranking old Mo-town was stopped at the light. The gent in the van and I locked eyes and a friendship was formed. I gave him the thumbs up and he gave it back. Later while in Macy's we bumped into him. We posed for the picture.

The MacTagets and the Thomas' from Sydney and Wagawaga, Austrailia were seated right nest to where the performers were having their festivities. i went over and performed for them and we chatted for a while. later on the little girl would come over and say thaks and say good bye...I squeekered her tummy ala JC Dunn.

Boswick Trunstile Jr and I. I met him way back when we both had no gray hair at the trinity County Fair. haven't seen hide or hair again until tonight.

Jim with Frisco Fred (magician-juggler)

Jim with Brian Scott (magician)

Jay Alexander, Victor Kent Big Al Catraz, Frank Oliver

Jay, Vic, AL (Gary), Frank

The Donatello- I worked her back in 89 as a supervisor for timeshare sales and reservations and tour guide for Japanese clients.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Summer Schedule (Public shows)

Oroville Municipal Auditorium 10AM Feb 6
Lemoore Pizza Fetival (CA) April 18**
Arvin Wild Flower Festival (CA) April 25-26**
Calico Ghost Town (Yermo, CA) May 8-10
Glenn County Fair (CA) May 14-17
Silver Dollar Fair (Chico, CA) May 20-25
Yuba City Aquatic Park June 11 PM
Gold Sox Baseball-3rd Annual Circus Day (Marysville, CA) June 27 (PM)
Willard City Festival(OH)**
Laurel County Fair (London, KY) July 7-11
Beech Bend Amusement Park (Bowling Green, KY) July 13-19 or 26
Ulster County Fair (New Paltz, NY) July 28-August 2
Quassy Amusement Park (CT) August 3-16
Wolcott Country Fair August 22,23 (CT)
Calico Ghost Town (Yermo CA) late October
(((**dates are tenative and will be confirmed later)))