Saturday, December 10, 2011

update on sponsor info and other stuff

This weekend Jim is in Des Moines, IA at the fair convention there. He has already gotten us a two year contract at the Plymouth fair. That's the one we did last year. He says it is cold out there but no snow storms....yet.
Antimonkey butt powder now has shampoo and body wash in a gift set.....they sponsor Our show so do me a favor and get a set for someone you love this Christmas.

I will be going to the KY and TN conventions when we go out that way to tape the Shotgun Red Variety Show in January. I love that section of the country and you can't beat the folks out their for hospitality and politeness.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Colusa Hometown Days

No pictures to post because it was insane tonight. Last year we were on the community stage but we had such a big draw that we were moved to the big stage this year. That meant tighter parking. It also meant less flexibility with staging. We pulled off a great show with the largest audience draw off all the acts. I know that sounds like bragging but it is really just reporting. James' girlfriend and her family showed up and Miles' interest and her family showed up. We have a strong traditional Christian value that prohibits girlfriends until the kids are 18 or more. But the young lady who likes Miles and he her is are fantastic people and I love her family and when time dictates I hope it works out for God's hands.
I will let you all in a secret. For the last two weeks I have been suffering the worst back spasms of my life. The doctors are aware that the spasms happening so I was prepared for pain and muscle relaxing control but wow has it been a tough week. I have kept it quiet as not to worry anyone but since I am on the mend I thought I would share it. Still the pain is quite significant.
Tonight's show started off with a slight breeze and a fairly comfortable temperature. But by the time we were mid way through the show a north wind kicked in and we were freezing. In spite of the wind and the tilt in the stage (affecting the tight rope) everyone did well. Especially Jim with his balancing and Victor on the tight rope. Vic couldn't do his spin around but with such a tilt on the stage. I would've been surprised if he could. We plan on adding a tilt to the rig for practice in case we run into this situation again.
The most interesting thing of the night was when I was in the porta potty. While doing the chore I heard a loud bang on the side of the building. Then again and again from various sides. When I came out I found a 7 year old boy and his brother throwing water bottles at the porta potties. I scolded them to stop but got a laugh and another toss at the buildings in response. Since the music was loud I came a little closer and told them to stop. I then turned and walked away. As I did a blond woman walked passed me and asked what was going on. (Up to now she was ignoring what I later found out was her kids.) I told her they were throwing stuff at the bath rooms. Well, I walked on and before I could make it to the stage a man reeking of beer came face to face with me...I mean real close and asked me why I called his kid a brat. As I explained I only told the kid to stop; another man came up behind me like a prison yard block in preparation for a shanking. I was a bit worried because the man was angry. He called me a F###### liar when I said his kid misheard and I was just telling him to stop throwing the bottle. (imagine being in one of those things and hearing several bangs against the the wall). He used a few more colorful metaphors to describe how he desired to hurt me so I moved a bit away and offered them the opportunity to have a nearby cop mediate. They cursed me and the cop and vanished into the crowd. Later that night I got an email from the mother and she reposted the same email on the facebook page for the event and the newspaper that advertised the event that I was a bad man. I may have no choice but to file a complaint with the local police since I was threatened by the kid's father. The guy did not realize he was loud an there were many witnesses. I researched them and found out he is a mortgage man in Yuba City so I am sure his boss won't like the bad publicity. It saddens me that there are parents like this out there. They ignore their kids' bad behavior and act like jerks when confronted with the fact that their kids aren't angels. In my day a kid acting like that would've gotten me in trouble. Today they are defended by their parents, some drunk, like the father tonight. And we wonder why society is so screwed up.
I start the year with David Jackson of West Coast Festivals robbing us and end the year with this kind of crap. I wonder why I put up with it. Maybe I should become an accountant.
As I type this Tater-tot is snuggling up next to me in bed and makes the world a little better place.