Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween at Calico....not like it used to be

Calico Ghost Town was the last non-pc place on the planet...gunfights, tobacco spitting contests, greased pole contest, costumed cowboys, bar girls, etc. But most of that is gone. It's still an awesome place and holds a ton of history but the PC has snuck in and the inner politics of the town can get ridiculous to observe. But that's what you get when a California county owns a place like Calico. Don't get me wrong. i still very much love Calico I just miss the old days.
Above is Henry Fencepost...piano drunk....on our stage acting as a barker.
The potery shop ladies. The vendors are the heart and soul of Calico and have to put up with the politics of the county. Still these ladies are wonderful. They are always so kind to the kids.

This is a special order the potery ladies did for me. It's a squaw with 7 kids and the brave (note the rolling his eyes up standing behind her.

make a jack o lantern

A lobester dog. Even the pets get nto halloween out here.

We once again had 5 shows and SRO audiences. All very gracious. Still the numbers seemed smaller for the town in general than years past. Is it the economy? Is it the changing feeling of the town? Who knows.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Calico 2nd Week plus tidbits and summer 2010

We started our 2nd week at Calico to SRO crowds and enthusiastic crowds at that. We are minus Miles and Cynthia this week due to important tests at school and Cynthia's leg. But in spite of the missing cast we have plenty of material and the crowds loved the shows. James even introduced a new stunt. (see below)
This picture is from last week. Notice the burned bales of hay. See our blog from last week.

While home for 2 days the kids had fun with Mami making zucchini bread with our own home grown zucchini.
Back in Barstow we stopped by the best donut place on the planet (and we have tried them everywhere) Frosty's in Barstow on Main Street. Got a dozen and partook of them at Calico.

Amelia picked this costume out of the catalog from our wholesale suppiler.

This was Olivia's choice....snake optional.

Ou stage.

James introduced balancing a Christmas tree on his face tonight. It was a hit.
After balancing a chair, wheel barrel, ladder and such on his face we announced a new item. "Since it is Halloween, it's only natural, if you go into any store and take note of the displays, that we bring out our Christmas decorations and balance that on his face."
On Summer 2010:
We will be back at Beechbend park in Bowling Green, KY. We will also be back at Quassy in CT. We will be back in Cambridge MN for the fair there and have been invited to the fair in Delaware Co. NY. We are in talks about Laurel Co in London, KY and the rumor is we will be back at Ulster Co in NY. We also have an invitation to do a Christian program in NC. We are also trying to get back in ME and are in search for events in TN, NC, SC and OH. We will publish a whole list of our schedule later this fall.
On the Theater:
We have withdrawn our offer for the theater because of the politics involved. Bad people with "nice" facades played dirty games and we don't want any part of that. We were hoping to save the theater but new faces want to try old ideas that have proven time again to fail at that facility. Many in the group are anti-capitalists and believe having a private owner is evil somehow and that community or government owned would be best. Though they weren't the majority they were the loudest and like the scorpion on the back of the buffalo crossing the river they can't help but destroy themselves along with the buffalo because it's in their nature. The choice was clear...have a private take over and try a new market based approach or try to raise donations in an area that can't do it even in great economic times, or get the city to buy it and run it adding to the tax burden of the community. It's a shame but unless it goes private it I see it closed in a year or sooner. Too bad.
Five shows tomorrow...good night.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Marathon Madness-----11 shows in 3 days.

We just finished 11 shows over the coarse of 3 days...more like 2 1/2 but whose counting.
Every audience was SRO and that was even when the town was nearly empty. I thought for sure our 10:30 AM show would only have a handful of people. Then they flooded up to our stage area. Likewise Sunday Evening 4pm...surely that would be always has been in past years...everyone is on their way home...there shouldn't be anyone here....5 minutes til showtime and there are 4 people in the front row. I walked the town around 10 minutes before curtain and the ghost town was living up to it's name. But Before the overture ended every seat was filled and there were standers all around. Were they ghosts?
With that many shows under our belt our total (not counting strolling shows) shows since June 27th is 189!
Only one worry (besides the thwarted fires yesterday) is that just as we left the town to go back to the hotel (we drive home tomorrow) the van's "emissions" light came on. it did it once before after getting some bad Arco Gas. That was on the drive to Texas. But this time it isn't related to gas. We hadn't filled it up in several days...still had at least 7 gallons in it. So we have to wait a couple of engine cycles to see if it is a temporary thing or a problem I need to take to my mechanic. No power loss so we will see.
We are doing the microwave meals tonight at the hotel. Fast food has gotten to be a bore to us and sit down restaurants take too long and over the years we have run into too many really bad servers. By cooking our own we can relax, watch tv, take showers, etc as our food cooks.
Rock and roll.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fire Fire Fire

What a day!
We are at Calico Ghost Town and it's ghost Haunt time. We've been doing this for 15 years! Over those years the audience has watched my kids grow and the number of my kids grow. They have watched as our show developed and as we introduced new things. About 10 years ago we introduced fire-eating. Over those years we have yet to set anything that wasn't suppose to be on fire on fire at Calico. Well, today that would change. Over all those years hay bales have lined the stage and we have done the fire-eating routine without a single problem. But in the first show today we set two of them on fire. Water from our water bottles and a couple of sodas donated by audience members and finally our fire-extinguisher put it out. Nothing serious. In fact, the word spread and made the next show even bigger. Instead of being a bad thing it turned out to be the talk of the town and lots of jokes and ribbing came out of it.
By the second show we had removed all the bales of hay and the kids raked away any extra hay...mostly. wouldn't you know it the only area that had hay left on it was next to our sales table and setting on that hay was a cardboard box containing our skunks that we sale. And wouldn't you know it a spark from the fire-blow found it's way there and up it went. It too was quickly put out but my nerves were shot. So just in case for the rest of the show we soaked the area around the stage with lots of water. No more flames to deal with.

Earlier this summer we ran out of the crystal metallic wands I make for sales and give-aways. So I found a supplier of plastic traditional wands. Well, I discovered today the the dry hot heat of the Calico sun caused the plastic wands to soften and bend. Fortunately they could be reshaped and only a couple were lost to the sun. we keep them in the shade now.

We were visited by my aunt and Uncle who introduced Calico to us when I was a kid. Never did I think, back then, that we would be regular performers there. Aunt Lucky, Uncle Larry and Cousin Pam all came out. They always make a good audience. Uncle Larry was looking good having lost over 60lbs recently.

Miles, Victor Jr Amelia and I headed off to go through the haunted mine today but Vic Jr and Amelia chickened out at the last moment leaving Miles and I to go through alone. Smartly, we followed a couple in. Smart because they gouls and monstors in the mine would jump out to startle them and we wouldn't have to put up with screams in our ears and lights flashed in our face. That's a tip for all of you too.

Five shows today...4 tomorrow.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Calico Ghost Haunt Day 1

Morning came too early and the hotel bfast hours too short. Since we didn't have to be at the park right away we were planning on swimming but the pool was ice cold so we hung around the room then went running around for supplies and new Reboks...since the outlet mall is out here I wait until we perform here to get my favs. Turns out the cost was no different than any regular store. Got them anyways.
This is like our 14th year or so at the Calico Ghost Haunt. We have become fixtures there and for us it is nice to see old friends and see what changes have occurred since our last visit. We have seen the town change alot over the years. We miss some of the stuff that Political Correctness has pushed out as well as the stuff California regulations and laws have pushed away...I really am beginning to hate this state. But we keep putting the same morons in office over and over and aver again. UGH!
Only two shows today. Evening shows. The first show was small since it was only 30 minutes after the park opened. The second was at 7:30 and was S.R.O. Very nice. Tomorrow would be off the charts.
By the way, what is up with our family cars this year. Anyone familiar to this blog knows about the Chevy van's troubles at the end of the Eastern tour. Then James' Saturn began having trouble that according to the mechanic will be terminal or very expensive...our choice. Well, yesterday as we were settling in the hotel I get a call from Mami, old faithful (the 99 Chevy van that has Titus' wheelchair lift) over heated and was being towed into the shop by AAA. Turns out a hose blew off and the oil was dreadfully negligence due to the crazy schedule.
Tomorrow's shows start around noon so we can sleep in a bit.
An interesting thing: the hotel we are staying at is the same htoel we stayed at our very first Calico trip 14 years ago. It was a different brand than it is now and it was a real dump back then. Today it is a nice middle of the road hotel. Sadly the park lost it's relationship with Hampton inn and Holiday inn express which were very nice indeed. This one is Ok but I guess we've been a little spoiled the past few years.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Calico a comin' ---- updates

We are heading out to Calico Ghost Town this weekend. For those of you who don't know about Calico let me tell you about it. It's an old silver mining town that went ghost in the early 1900s. It has bounced around to different owners including the Knotts Family (Knotts Berry Farms) but is now part of the San Bernardino County Parks System. We have been performing there for nearly 15 years on various special occasions. This weekend and next is their big Ghost haunt where they turn the old Maggie Mine into a ghost- mine with all kinds of spooky stuff. Also the town is gussied up for Halloween and there is trick or treating at the shops there. It's an old west town so it has a unique feel to it.
We will perform from Friday-Sunday this and next weekend at our regular stage at the Livery stable at the top of the town. Come out and see us if you can.
While getting ready for the Calico gig and recovering from the Discovery Shoot and the Silverado Days gig I have been hard at work building a new illusion to make Santa Appear at the Hemet Valley Mall in Hemet, CA. It's our 5th time in six years and I needed something new for the show. So off to my workshop. My father, a wood worker, cut out some nice legs for the prop today as I built the platform and cart for the trick today. Should have it done in a week.
Meanwhile James spent the day loading the trailer. Miles and Cynthia did the school thing. The little ones did the homeschool thing as Mami did the hone-school teacher thing. Titus did the school thing too.
We are beginning to fill the summer calendar with rebooking coming from several of the gigs we did this year. New request for info have come from Michigan and New York and one from Cali this week.
Our graphic artist is hard at work creating an awesome new logo family artwork for out 2010 banner, cards, website, etc. I have seen the prelim stuff and it is incredible. Since we are tying the Foy Family theme into the show we have recreated the 1913 costumes for the show.
Our seamstress is hard at work on a second set of those costumes and a new vaudeville style jacket for me for 2010.
2009 has so far been an exciting year and it looks like 2010 will be even better. The new costumes, illusions, stunts, members, and the expansion of our tour are all proving to be very exciting. Titus and Mami joining the show only makes it better. We are also looking at adding an RV to our fleet.
Thanks to all of you who prayed for our well being and God's guidance over this past weekend. It was a really neat experience and your prayers were felt. AS for where the whole TV thing will go is in His hands and in the hands of those editing, and deciding at the network. If it happens, then Praise God. if it doesn;t happen, then, Praise God. (Though it would be fun to do.)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Illusion-----and---bathrooms

In spite of our insane tour schedule recently I have to get a new illusion built in less than a month because a mall we have regularly performed at to make Santa Appear in SoCal has hiredus again. We have used up all our methods (and we have 5) to make Santa Appear so we need something new. Though the prop I am building isn't a new idea, the Doll House Illusion, we will have to customize it because of the subject being made to appear. Like almost evey illusion in our show I am building it myself. My father is a hands on guy with mechanical and woodworking skills and passed those on to most of his kids. I even did the labor of adding 1000 sq ft to our current home (plumbing and wiring as well). I will post pictures of the progress; just cut out the wood today.

An interesting topic popped up the other day. While being videoed Cynthia was asked in the interview segment about bathrooms. Our current house has 2. And for some reason there is rarely a problem with it's use and no arguments have ever come up about them. My wife and I exclusively use one and the 7 others use the other. HMMMM. Since 3 are home schooled they wake a little later than the 2 who go to high school. So no morning rush. Titus is in diapers. And Jim has no regular schedule. I think the only time there is rush on the can is when we get back from a trip and everyone has to go at the same time. Most the time who ever is in the most pain gets it first and other times as we turn onto our street individuals will "call" it. So they get first use unless someone is in obvious serious need. Mami and I are so close that

Monday, October 19, 2009

Video Taping for Discovery Network

Mami, Gentry (our producer Director) Victor

Producer Gentry and Promotor of Silverado Days, Pat.

Jerome-Amera man and cool dude

Jim and Gentry

Jim and Jerome (Jerome smiles a lot...just not on camera)

Brian the sound man. For many of themobile shots and quick on the side shots they used the smaller cameras and sometimes a boom mike. For filming the show they had another nice guym, John, with a really cool rig (camera stablizer) and a big camera on him. There was one other camera man, Will, an incrdible man.
All these guys have great resumes and have worked an some great shows for Discovery as well as network TV.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Filming has started

We have arrived in Socal. The drive should've been 8 hours if we were driving at the speed limit....but Cali has a special law for vehicles pulling trailers....55mph always. So that killed the time. Plus the extra passengers made rest stops and food stops longer so that killed the time. Then We hit LA area and the last 26 miles took over 2 hours!! There are people who do this every morning and every night...can you imagine that commute?
As we rolled into the hotel parking lot the video ameras started rolling on us. It's a little weird being shaddowed by cameras and sound guys and a producer. But it is fun. For those of you who don't know Discovery Network is venting us for a possible serries. We will be followed, interviewed and then our shows taped. I must admit that after the long drive all I really wanted to do was crash and sleep. BUT, after things started moving along I got into it. So did the kids. So did the wife.
The whole crew was very nice.
The producer had us do some prelim videoing of our own. So we filled 3 tapes with all kinds of stuff......preparing for the show, the drive, getting ready for bed, everyday life at home, etc etc.
Well, it's shawer and bed time.....night night!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunburn--Successful Corporate Gig

For the last couple of years we have bee performing for a mid-sized brewery in Northern Cal. Instead of the traditional company picnic they have a big festival and celebrate like a carnival. We have been blessed to be part of it and both years we have put on some pretty nice shows. The crowds are great. And as the day goes on the crowds get easier and easier to please (I did mention it's a brewery).
The sun shone bright in Cali today and the wind blew steady so I got sun-burned in the face and the breeze only aggravated the sun burn because as I ate fire the licks of flames licked my face (no problem really if you understand the physics of it all. But I do have to me extra careful due to the wind. Most fire-eaters won't do it on a windy day. I guess I'm nuts.
The kids did a bang up job and made out like bandits as the event had lots of cool prizes for the various games. It didn't take much to win a prize. Oh, and the food. They had two whole pigs. And I had my first taste of pork cheek. The TV food people rave about it.....and for good reason. It was incredible. Each cheek carries just a little bit of soft, tender reddish meat and it's fabulous, juicy and awesome!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mami and Titus make their Debut...and a stand in for Cynthia

Tonight we performed a fundraiser for our local High school's girl's basketball team. Since we were traveling all summer I was out of the loop for most of the preparations for the show and the folks in charge dropped the ball with absolutely no advertising and no promotion of the event. Each girl was to sell 10 tickets...only a few did. It mattered little to us since we were doing this as charity for the most part (we did sell magic tricks and stuff). But it was discouraging the minimal effort everyone involved gave. Still the crowd that came (around 75 people) were a good crowd and really showed their appreciation for the show.
As a matter of practice and "getting used to performing" Mami, my wife, made her debut appearing in the opening routine and then juggling a little bit int he show. Titus, my son with no fine motor control and unable to talk or walk, made his debut by waving his hand over a box turning a dove into a rabbit then waving to the crowd...they adored him.
Also new, since Cynthia couldn't perform due to her tendon surgery recovery thingy, her friend, Sabrina performed her tricks. She did a very good job.
The people at the high school (coaches, teachers) were very nice. I just wish they could've spent some time promoting this thing. last year it was BIG!
By the way, the show was great.

Monday, October 5, 2009

One hour from Cali.

The wind was insane today. We drove across New Mexico and a good chunk of Arizona with head winds ranging between 40-60 mph. Gas mileage was in the toilet! Surprise gusts made driving an adventure. Still we made it to western AZ and will drive home tomorrow. That trailer tire was low again this morning and I can't see any damage so I am thinking it has a bad seal on the rim. At the gas station in Nowhere, NM the air pump took air out of the tire instead of in. They had to reset the compressor or something but I was able (after about 10 minutes of holding the nozzle) to get the tire filled up. It's going back to Les Schwaab when I get home.
Jim, Miles, Amelia, and Victor Jr made it back to Cali by way of Southern Air.
Besides the wind the drive was pretty uneventful. Except for a fox that ran across the hwy at about 20 miles an hour and then dashed into the brush of the high desert. Olivia thought it was pretty cool.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Paris to Dallas to New Mexico

We slept in today! Still we got up was hard to sleep in. We had to get the kids to Dallas since their flight back home is early Monday....and Dallas traffic is crazy.
It rained all the way through Texas. By New Mexico is was much nicer.
It's a lot of fun riding with a four year old. They see things from a whole different perspective and they always want you to look...usually it's when I am trying to negotiate a curve while passing a truck at 70 mph in the fog. Still it is really a lot of fun to be traveling with Olivia.
I still can't believe how hard core Texans are. I mean the way the sat in the rain and watched our show...a few watched it more than once IN THE RAIN. Only in Texas.
Olivia just came over and reminded me it was bible reading time. Every time we are in a hotel she searches out the bible so we can read it. Cool, huh?!
Texans love Texas. I have never seen such statehood patriotism than in Texas. The lone star is seen on almost every home. The Texas flag is more prominent than the US flag. And I have to add, I saw a black Ford Mustang Drive by and the Texas lic. Plate really suited it.
Our family has a silly tradition. When we drive by a cemetery visible from the road we wave and say , "hi dead people". We do it for the humor. When I told my friend , JC, about it he thought it was nice of us to do that. Different perspectives I guess.
OK OK so I am rambling so let's ramble somemore.
Had to add air to one of the trailer's tires. I didn't see a nail or any other foriegn object in the tire so I will just keep an eye on it.
Saw a gas station in Dallas where it was $1.99. California sucks!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Start the season with rain...end with rain

When we started our tour back on July 2rd in Ohio we skirted rain by a day on both sides. But the 4th was a big rain day actually causing the cancellation of fireworks in MO. And here is Paris the threat of rain hung over us and it opened a can of whoop-butt on us today with three shows in the rain. The last two so bad we worn minimum costume (the little ones in street clothes) to avoid damaging them. What drove us nuts is that people showed up! The first two shows were SRO (Standing room only). The third (in the rain ) had around 75 folks....the forth (in serious rain) had 50 or more. This all meant packing up in the rain. So now we have to pray for cool weather so we don't get mold on the stage or drops by the time we reach Cali.
The four will fly out of Dallas on Monday so they will sleep in Dallas tomorrow as Olivia and I head out to Amarillo or Tucumcari, NM. Rain is the name of the weather for this area tomorrow so keep us in your prayers as we make the drive to Dallas.
James befriended a number of band geeks today and the frequented almost every show. Made for a lively crowd. Actually the crowds in all 4 shows were lively. Great compliments from the managment and staff as well. We had fun.
Gonna sleep in.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Eiffle Tower---Big Shows---A Cold?----more

That's a baby Zebu chasing Olivia.

Pointing to Paris on the Texas Map.
Great shows today. The fair was very busy and the audiences were awesome. But it was cold...I mean really cold. It was 99 the day we arrived and just 5 days later it's freezing...or at least feels that way. Bought an under the terrarium heating pad for Mr Squeezers.
I've been worn down all day and my throat has began to feel like the onset of a cold. This town has already had a whole school shut down due to the swine flu and I met one of their students who had the flu but is "over it" as she claimed while giving us a horse I'm paranoid.
Hard to believe how fast time flies. The folks in Texas are awfully nice...still Kentucky wins over all.
I picked up a ton of V-C and some NyQuil to see if I can't head this thing off. V-C really works for me (I know it doesn't work for everyone). And NyQuil assures drying out and restful sleep so let's hope and pray it gets nipped in the bud...I have 3 days of driving coming up on Sunday.
Jim added a three machete juggling routine to his act. The machetes are from a local ag store and were only $4 EACH but he says the are better balanced and weighted than the pro juggling ones.
The girls have been doing a duet of "The Lord's Army" song all season. In the first show Olivia got a case of the giggles and the song turned into a laughfest while they sang and that caused the audience to join in the giggles and laughs and before long it was hilarious.
Shopping, sightseeing, the pool, and shows. That was our day

Slept in....rare...nice!

There is one bummer to sleeping late. if the hotel has a comp b-fast you may miss it. This hotel (a really nice place, new, big comfy beds, fabulous staff, quiet, off the road by 100 yards so quiet from the outside as well, priced high enough to keep away the one hour guests and the loud par tiers, low enough for the tired middle of the road traveler. The rooms are not small.) as I was saying, this hotel's b-fast ends a little early, 9AM. So If you plan on sleeping in, one in your group will have to be willing to climb out of bed, wipe the sleep out of their eyes (as well as possible) pat down their hair, put on pants, and find their way to the elevator then the dining area...hopefully not forgetting the room key. Today, for my room it was me (it's always me in my room) and for the boys room it was Miles. We have gotten very good at stacking plates and bowls, carrying condiments and plastic ware in our pockets and it need be making 2 or 3 trips. I should also mention the b-fasts here are just as good (if not better) then every place we've stayed before.
On store for today is a visit to the Paris, TX Eiffle Tower, lunch at the fairgrounds (a note here: this fair is genious in the way they have arranged for the local eateries to sponsor and provide meals for the fair worrkers, staff, volunteers, and entertainers), then back to the htoel for a swim then back for the show. The kids also have their studies to attend.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

RRVF Night 3...rain...but we dodged the big one

I mentioned earlier today that it was supposed to rain big time here. But prayer was answered and the storm cell (and it was a big one) broke off into two cells (one to the north and one to the south) just west of Paris...sparing us a very severe storm. We did catch about 15 minutes of heavy rain (3.5" in 15 minutes) about an hour before our shows. No harm, no foul: we went on just a couple of minutes late as we needed time to set the sound system up.

Though scant were the crowds (remember it just rained and all day everyone was predicting severe storms), but they were lively and fun. We also had pretty OK sales for this fair (which really doesn't say much.)
Tomorrow will be an early one again and probably a nap day. Special needs Day. Only one 15 minute 9am show then back to the hotel. The hotel staff have been real nice working with us and our schedule.
I'm taking the kids to see the Eiffel Tower....Olivia and I have seen it....uh the phone just rang.....
It was James. The fair just called...due to the really wet grounds the Special needs Day is canceled so we will get to sleep nap. Woo-hoo!

By the way, you might wonder, "what do we do when it rains heavy?" Well, we run for cover, in a building, van, tent, trailer...where ever. But what if you remember you left something out? Well, then you walk in the rain getting drenched to the skin to get it...hoping it isn't damaged or destroyed. That happened today. Jim left his show costume and his personal bag outside the trailer and tent and headed of stilt walking. (He saw the clouds, knew the weather reports, so why?????? I don't know.) When the rain hit I was photographing things and he and I ended up in the same building. 10 minutes into the rain he told me about his stuff in the rain. He couldn't go (his stilts are aluminum and he is a 9' tall...lightening rod. So I went....and got drenched to my underpants. When I got there I had learned Miles saw his stuff and tossed them under the trailer to keep them safe (why he didn't take them into the tent when he was going in anyways, I don't know.) Since water was running under the trailer it really didn't help to toss them there anyways. I gathered the stuff up and stowed them in the tent. My boys are book smart, talented, dexterous, thick as bricks (sometimes)...but I love them.

Afternoon Update:

Well, as I napped the girls watched educational TV...I know it was educational because every few minutes they were loudly responding to questions or requests by the cartoon character to say something. I know this because each response woke me. To assure a better nap I sent them down to the pool with Miles and Victor Jr. That lasted for about 10 minutes because my mind started working and that meant no more sleep.
So I checked the email. (A couple of weeks ago I got an email from a magician I met at the Magic Castle telling me he had recommended us to a certain network. They were looking for a magical family to develop a series around. He put the producer in touch with us and us in touch with the producer. The producer looked over our website and our online videos. ) Today I got an email from that producer and we are in talk about having a film crew follow us and work with us to develop a sales package that the producer can take back to the network. I am staying vague about it for now. As you know, we have turned down Wife Swap, America's Got Talent, and Trading Spouses, but this Network and the producer's idea really seemed like something we could work with.
After emails I realized I was hungry...turned out so were the kids. So we went to Whataburger. It's a chain out here that, turns out, is really tasty.
There is a storm on the way. Skuttlebutt is it is supposed to be a big one. But according to the radar, it looks like God stuck his finger down and split the storm in half ; the yellow and red sections are splitting just west of Paris and passing off to the north and south....who says prayers don't work!? It rained lightly earlier. I will let you know how it goes....

Morning Report---Seniors Day in Paris

Perky with "Big Daddy" at Seniors day at the Fair
Jim cuts the rug with this lovely senior...she asked him to dance and was surprised when he siad sure.

The room the event was held in was a bit of a danger for Jim...The ceiling fans were at face level and they were all so Jim had to keep and eye out.

The fair provided a driver in a Gator to drive Jim (in stilts) and Miles (in Penguin) over to the senior building which was quite far away. I missed getting a pix but it was funny.

We all went and the small ones (Vic Jr, Olivia, and Amy) were all as big of a hit as the two costumed boys. Seems old folks like little kids.

Donut report. Texas donuts have been pretty good so far. The ones we had today were bigger than Krispy Kreme and a tad smaller than Dunkin's but they were better than both of those to chains.

Storms are due in today....winds, thunder, lightening, hail, the whole gamut. So our evening shows are in question. Fortunately our hotel's pool is indoor and heated so after a nap we are hitting the waves.

While at the senior event several fairs board folks, and workers who have caught our show went out of their way to compliment our show. Apparently quite a few of them saw the shows yesterday. (Since it is a night show we have lights in our eyes and I can't tell who is in the audience.

Nap time has to you soon.