Friday, April 27, 2012

April Updates

This morning we had great fun performing for a Junior High School.  The nice thing is the school was within an hour of our California home.  The event was a rewards assembly and one of the rewards was the result from a staff vs 8th grader basketball team.  The students won and as a result the teacher who lost the game for the adults had to dress like a girl and get made-up by students.  The pictures below show his make-over.  
The school also provided a clown.  The costume was too small and that made it even more hilarious. The students had a blast at the adults' antics. You can't see from the pictures but the poor teacher who was made up as a girl had a very hairy chest and the balloons kept yanking hair. 

 There were around 500 students and everyone of them seem to have a great time.  Lots of school spirit.
Our show went spot on perfect.  The kids nailed it.  Amelia did her new magazine page book test and nailed it.  The student chose from six magazines, tore a page out (the magazines were from my doctor's office). Amelia never looked at the person and I stood over 12 feet away. The student continued to rip up he magazine until she had a piece only 2" X2" or so. The kid then chose any word on the page and Amelia was able to tell the kid what word it was.

 On Monday we attempted to once again rise the 80' pipe to balance on Jim's chin.  The wood links that connected the four pipes ended up not being able to handle the tinsel weight of the pipes and snapped. SO instead of lifting the pipe upwards from it's side we will lift it straight up and connect each section one by one straight upward.  However a boom truck with a human bucket will be needed so it has been postponed until next week.

Cynthia called in last night to report that classes end this week but she plans on taking summer classes until our show gets out there in June.  She also won an award for being smart (some list or another).  She also won another scholarship.
We are adding a robot-ranger to the show options this year.  he will be booked separate from the show as it's own act.
This is similar to our One-O side show stunt that we will have at our show but is not a part of our show and has it's own admission.
People can go in and see the strange thing as well as a flea from a preserved Woolly mammoth.

Also new this season is Victor Jr's escape from a sealed and locked 55 gallon drum and Olivia and Nick's double trapeze routine.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

World Circus Day 1

World Circus Day in Oroville.

local kids get hands and feet on  tries at circus

Bill Jackson as the close-up magician and the "talker" for the "What is it?" exhibit.

Zippy came up from Sacramento came down to make balloons for the kids.  

Duane Zanon and Family stopped by. 

Jim at work 

Open gym.

Cynthia's childhood friend, Skylar.

Titus at the show. 

Titus waves to the crowd. 

Olivia and Nick doing their doubles routine...very nice. 

Olivia getting ready for her "death jump".

Titus and Miles working together.

Sleeping on the job.

The bow. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just Stuff

Princess Olivia in her Princess wear at an AWANA event.  (emailed to us)
James balanced 100lbs on his face practicing for Saturday.