Friday, December 13, 2013

That Time of the Year

First a shout out to mega fans Dean and JC. They are the adoptive parents of our teacup poodle's very first pup from her first know the one born in the RV on tour, Cookie.  We visited them this week. They live 20 minutes away and in the hills...and there was snow:

It has been a strange return home this year. We all made it back to California with a cold which is ironic because we had a very mild summer back east. We were all well by mid October for the end of Salmon season but by the end of October I was hit with a mean virus that lasted nearly 3 weeks only to come out of it with a back spasm. That lasted 6 weeks. Happily I report that I am nearing par. While down Jim has taken over most of the office work and is proving to be pretty darn good at it.  In fact, Jim is in Iowa as I write to attend the Iowa Fair convention. He has been going for several years and loves it. Iowa folks are pretty down to earth cool!
 Jim's travel look.

An early start 6am flight from SFO......left home at 1AM........

This past week we were blessed with two great shows.  One for a barn dedication (more of a home ball room) and the other for a college.

I introduced a new mind reading stunt where my eyes are covered with coins, duct tape, a blind fold a whole bunch more duct tape. It was awesome.
One of the newest costumes. We have a bunch of new costumes. Next week we will be taking pictures for the artist to work with.   Each year we introduce new art and costumes.

This coming Saturday Cynthia comes home for winter holiday. Miles will be missed this year as he overflies Cali to Japan. He is going to visit his relatives and friends in Japan. I am a little jealous.  Here are some pix they posted on their facebook page:

I will have more news as time goes on. So keep an eye out here.