Saturday, December 10, 2011

update on sponsor info and other stuff

This weekend Jim is in Des Moines, IA at the fair convention there. He has already gotten us a two year contract at the Plymouth fair. That's the one we did last year. He says it is cold out there but no snow storms....yet.
Antimonkey butt powder now has shampoo and body wash in a gift set.....they sponsor Our show so do me a favor and get a set for someone you love this Christmas.

I will be going to the KY and TN conventions when we go out that way to tape the Shotgun Red Variety Show in January. I love that section of the country and you can't beat the folks out their for hospitality and politeness.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Colusa Hometown Days

No pictures to post because it was insane tonight. Last year we were on the community stage but we had such a big draw that we were moved to the big stage this year. That meant tighter parking. It also meant less flexibility with staging. We pulled off a great show with the largest audience draw off all the acts. I know that sounds like bragging but it is really just reporting. James' girlfriend and her family showed up and Miles' interest and her family showed up. We have a strong traditional Christian value that prohibits girlfriends until the kids are 18 or more. But the young lady who likes Miles and he her is are fantastic people and I love her family and when time dictates I hope it works out for God's hands.
I will let you all in a secret. For the last two weeks I have been suffering the worst back spasms of my life. The doctors are aware that the spasms happening so I was prepared for pain and muscle relaxing control but wow has it been a tough week. I have kept it quiet as not to worry anyone but since I am on the mend I thought I would share it. Still the pain is quite significant.
Tonight's show started off with a slight breeze and a fairly comfortable temperature. But by the time we were mid way through the show a north wind kicked in and we were freezing. In spite of the wind and the tilt in the stage (affecting the tight rope) everyone did well. Especially Jim with his balancing and Victor on the tight rope. Vic couldn't do his spin around but with such a tilt on the stage. I would've been surprised if he could. We plan on adding a tilt to the rig for practice in case we run into this situation again.
The most interesting thing of the night was when I was in the porta potty. While doing the chore I heard a loud bang on the side of the building. Then again and again from various sides. When I came out I found a 7 year old boy and his brother throwing water bottles at the porta potties. I scolded them to stop but got a laugh and another toss at the buildings in response. Since the music was loud I came a little closer and told them to stop. I then turned and walked away. As I did a blond woman walked passed me and asked what was going on. (Up to now she was ignoring what I later found out was her kids.) I told her they were throwing stuff at the bath rooms. Well, I walked on and before I could make it to the stage a man reeking of beer came face to face with me...I mean real close and asked me why I called his kid a brat. As I explained I only told the kid to stop; another man came up behind me like a prison yard block in preparation for a shanking. I was a bit worried because the man was angry. He called me a F###### liar when I said his kid misheard and I was just telling him to stop throwing the bottle. (imagine being in one of those things and hearing several bangs against the the wall). He used a few more colorful metaphors to describe how he desired to hurt me so I moved a bit away and offered them the opportunity to have a nearby cop mediate. They cursed me and the cop and vanished into the crowd. Later that night I got an email from the mother and she reposted the same email on the facebook page for the event and the newspaper that advertised the event that I was a bad man. I may have no choice but to file a complaint with the local police since I was threatened by the kid's father. The guy did not realize he was loud an there were many witnesses. I researched them and found out he is a mortgage man in Yuba City so I am sure his boss won't like the bad publicity. It saddens me that there are parents like this out there. They ignore their kids' bad behavior and act like jerks when confronted with the fact that their kids aren't angels. In my day a kid acting like that would've gotten me in trouble. Today they are defended by their parents, some drunk, like the father tonight. And we wonder why society is so screwed up.
I start the year with David Jackson of West Coast Festivals robbing us and end the year with this kind of crap. I wonder why I put up with it. Maybe I should become an accountant.
As I type this Tater-tot is snuggling up next to me in bed and makes the world a little better place.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tater Tot

I am proud to introduce you to Tater Tater-tot, five-month old poodle. He is the newest member of the family and the show. I picked him up yesterday in Socal. I would reprot more but I am sleepy from the drive. More to follow..... by the way Belle is excited.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

AFA Convention Last Night

Well, the Banquet is over, the awards have been given, cheese cake eaten and dance done danced. We made some new friends like Vannesa Joy and Marvin (pictured here) singer an pianist who are fabulous. We also saw many old friends. We attended workshops, and meetings, took a nap in the afternoon and "partied" in the evening. And yes I did indeed danced with Mami.
I wore my 2012 costume to the Banquet as I did last year with my 2010 costume.....It fit better with the theme than the 2011 costume did...last year. We had some laughs and talked some business. Ironically I booked fairs in Indiana, Virginia, and Tennessee via email and calls while here and only talked about possibilities with the AZ fairs folks. I am happy that the fair manager from and her staff from the fair we did here in AZ last year was very happy with our services.
Enjoying a moment after the meal.

Steve Rosen has only been a balloon twister for a short time and he made a Monkey.....luckily this little fellow doesn't suffer from Monkey Butt ...but if he did we gave every attendee a sample of Anti Monkey Butt Powder so he would be fine.
We had lunch with Marvin and Vanessa (Joy) . It was a hoot. Marvin is a joke-aholic and quiet frankly might be insane. We all laughed so hard our stomach's hurt. The company made up for the really bad catfish I had at the cafe. It was like they pour a bottle of salt on it. Impossible to eat. But, like I said, the company was great.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Arizona Fairs Convention 2011

The theme of the convention is a Flashback to the 50s. Born in the mid 60s and raised in the 70s-80s we had to get advise from my folks and Happy Days. I already owned the wig and Mami made her poodle skirt from scratch. I nearly one in the men's costume contest...I was in the final three but lost out to a Babaloo character. Audience applause determined the outcome. A very well down over the top car hop won the women's portion. Oh, I should mention that the run off of the men's top three was a hula hoop contest......wich Amelia was here to act as my proxy for that....I would've won.
I took this picture because My Dodge and Mr Ford were both represented tonight at the tradeshow. I thought it was funny. Checy wasn't represented.

Our hotel in in the background...the 22nd floor. What a view...of the desert. We aren't gambling folks so we spend our spare time people watching and being with each other, strolling, and shopping.
Tuesday light was bowling night. In spite of my back I went for it after making sure I took my muscle relaxer and pain pill. About the third frame in they had to be supplemented very quickly by a shot of bourbon as I had a minor spasm...I couldn't tell you where the ball went on that frame. That's life with a tumor in your spinal cord. But we had a really good time and I won the two game set for our lane. Over all I was probably 15th. Mami was only a few pins behind me. We had a cute game where if either one of us got a strike or a spare we got a kiss from each other.

This is the fair board of the Cochise County fair.....their bowling gear. I am not sure how they finished the night but they definitely took best dressed.
The Koi outside the Colorado Belle. The minute a human looks down at them they all swim toward them Here they come.
I took this picture because many years ago we had the honor of working with the Kid and Nic show. A great great group. We have their CD and it is awesome. They will perform at the hotel we are at this weekend. But sadly we won't be here.
Sleep has been hard to come by since each day the convention has had early activities and late night activities. We left the presidents's cocktail party early since I could not keep my eyes open. I took a nap and Mami called home to give Miles here pie recipe (best pies in the word) for his foods class.
Our sponsor, Anti Monkey Butt Powder gave us some samples to put in the gift bags all participants get. I have been told by a few people it was the best thing in the bag. One person introduced me to her friends as the Anti-Monkey Butt guy....what a title.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hemet Mall Pix and Honeymoon?

I promised pictures from the Hemet Mall show. Here are two. The three Beauties next to Saint Nick are the three local Miss Pageant queens who helped with the ticket drawings for the various prizes donated by the mall stores. The bog prize was a Kindle donated by Radio Shack.

Monday morning Mami and I go on a little honeymoon....well, in reality we are going to the Arizona Fair convention in Laughlin, NV. But we will be without the kids. Since we never had a honeymoon I think we will call this a "working" honeymoon. Five days without the kids and no dishes or house cleaning or yard work or "insert whatever you want here".

Hemet Mall Santa there and back again

We left from our northern Cal abode 6am yesterday to Hemet, CA...about a 10 hour drive taking the stupid 55mph for cars pulling trailers in Cali and LA traffic into account. I planned the timing well so we hit only the start of rush hour down there. Sadly we had fast food for dinner and the hotels offerings for Breakfast were a joke...they actually had Tang instead of real OJ. Oh Well! A happy McGriddle sandwich fixed my b-fast blues.
It rained last night and sprinkled all morning so we set our show up in a large vacant store. It was actually pretty cool. The Forever 21 Store left behind some nice decor so it had a nice feel to it. Once our back drops were up and our stage set the doors opened and the mall had so many people come in they soon had to add more chairs. Since it was a luncheon they also ran out of food. Who would've guessed. I have pictures and will add them tomorrow.
We had a great time. We have been doing this gig for several years and have built up a pretty big fan base there.
I am tired so I will make a long story short by saying after the show we packed up and did a bee-line home arriving just after midnight. I sleep now!
Oh, I arrived home to see my wife in a poodle skirt and dressed as if from the 50s....she made her costume for the AZ fair convention next week. We will have time away from the kids as we head to Laughlin, NV for a few days. The theme is "the 50's".

Friday, November 4, 2011

Shotgun Mami

It's a rule in our family that at the age of 12 all the kids get their first gun (they get actual ownership of the gun at 18 But they at least get to choose the gun, have it purchased and learn to shoot with it.) From birth they are taught gun safety! All of them are fair shots too.
Well today was Mami's turn. She got her very own 410 shotgun. And that means she had to go out and learn to shoot it. So today we went down to the clay pits and she took a shot at it. Literally! She found it exciting but she was holding it so tight that her bicep started to hurt. She was protecting from the kick by snuggling it in tight on her shoulder.
You may notice her gun is short. It's a child-size shotgun since her arms are so short. Still it packs a wallup. She shot bird shot, slugs, and a hybrid slug-disc/birdshot mix. Lord help anyone who sneaks in on her if you has that in the gun. The bad man will end up with very little of what gets hit.
I also had a chance to try out my new scope on my 308. I can pick a flea off a dog a half mile away without effort with this puppy.
The girls went with us and from the safety of the back of the van (doors open) they took pictures and cheered their mom on.
There were quite a few folks out their practicing today. We are blessed to have a free use shooting range in our town. Everyone there knows gun safety, or are learning it. And everyone down there are nice folks willing to give you tips or just chat with you.
My neighbor who is pushing 90 told me back in the day the high school kids would regularly take their 22 squirrel guns to school with them and hut river rats on the way home.
Well, since we have a few days off we plan on going back down to the pits as a family and get some practice in.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Piccadilly Circus and another Great Letter.

We went to the Piccadilly Circus at Chico's Silver Dollar Fairgrounds tonight and had a fantastic time. In spite of the limitations of the building they were in (the fair wouldn't allow certain rigging) and the fact that the State of California wouldn't allow their Monkey's or petting zoo across the border into our socialist state the show was awesome.
Titus loved the clowns. They had some really great clown routines.
The circus lacked a ringmaster, which I think would've made it even better, maybe because I am a ringmaster.
I got to meet the owner and had a good chat with him. Since it was pack-up time my time with them was limited. I have to say they are all a great bunch of people.

Earlier in the day I lunched with my good friend JC Dunn. I mad him my famous Brie stuffed hamburgers. They were pretty big and, in all modesty, they were off the hook! It is always so much fun spending time with dear JC.

I got another great letter of recommendation today:

To whom this may concern;

The Lawrenceburg Fair and Horse Show hired Victor Kent Family Circus for our fair last year 2011. We had them for the entire week of June 27th thru July 2nd.

It is without reservation that we recommend this family act for any fair. They were outstanding in performances and kept the crowds entertained. We received countless statements from those that watched AND participated in their nightly shows.

Their shows by far exceeded any single show that the Lawrenceburg Fair and Horse Show has hired for entertainment during our fair. We were highly pleased with the shows, their interaction between shows with the crowds and the Christian respectable family that this shows brings. Again, any fair that is looking for clean, fun, and exciting entertainment, The Kent Family Circus are the ones to bring in.

I would be happy to answer any questions, I can be reached at 502-330-0178.

Kip Halvorson
Anderson Post 34 Adjustant
Lawrenceburg Fair Board President

What a great letter from another fair manager

P O BOX 439


To whom to may concern:

The Kent Family Magic Circus was a new attraction to the Clark Co Fair this year. What a great decision. They were recommended to us by another county fair, and now I would like to recommend them for your fair.

Kent Family Circus is like 4-5 acts all in one. There’s juggling, trapeze, tight rope, fire eating, balancing, stunts, magic, and more. It really is a family and everyone has a talent and all perform well. They are pretty much self contained with own stage, lights you supply electricity and get ready to see a show! They do multiple performances each night and each one is unique and different. When the crowds gather, they stay until the show is over. Interaction with the crowd keeps the children as well as the adults entertained.

Word of mouth is the best advertisement, so I hope you will consider booking the Kent Family Magic Circus as your next act. You will not be disappointed!


Melissa Clark

Clark County Fair

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Calico Day 3 Part 2 Video

R.I.P. Prince.....Calico Day 3

He protected our home and gave pleasure to tjhe kids. He was afraid of fireworks on the 4th of July and would dig holes in the lawn. He was a master of escape. He most especially had a special relationship with Cynthia. He outlived his sibling puppies and passed today at 16 years old due to age and heart worm coplications...get your dogs tested and treated. RIP Prince!
This "face" was made by the window and rafters at our stage. I lit up the back curtain and greeted us when we arrived this morning.
Here is a picture of the show programs from our shows over the past umpteen years. There were more once upon a time but someone cleaned the backstage and tossed them. these are from 1999 until now.
A standing ovation...pose.
Here is a family that themed themselves as Alice in Wonderland. Super nice folks and they win first palce every year.
Here was a fun costume that fit the Victorian Halloween theme.
Jim and Olivia fine tuning their new stunt. Video to come.
Victor had quite a challenge today. The man who did most the tying of the knots for Victor's $400 rope tie is a professional scaffold tier. He cut off Victor's circulation. But that did not deter Victor...
Even if he had to loose his pants to get out.
Find Alf>>>>>>(This was our smallest crowd today. )
Anti Monkey Butt.

Baby Anti Monkey Butt Powder fan.
Mild weather was in store for us today. What started off slow turned into a very busy night indeed. Saw more old friends and fans. I can't believe how many people come up just for our show. It is indeed flattering. Sadly, outside my Aunt and Uncle and Cousin Pam, none of my southern Cal living brothers or sister could make it out to see us. I really hoped we could have seen them since we don't get together very often due to our different lifestyles (us on tour all the time, etc.) We missed you guys, if you are reading this....We will be in Hemet in November if you can make it.
Ever wonder what we watch on TV when we get back to the hotel while everyone is taking their turn with the shower? Mostly the Food Network. Chopped, Sweet Genius, Iron Chef, etc. Doing that now.
One more day down here then that long 55mph drive up to Northern Cal.

Friday, October 28, 2011

A moving letter

Even though I have already posted something for today (see the post below this one) I just had to share what has to be the best letter of recommendation from a client I have ever gotten. You have to know the man who wrote it. He is a no nonsense man that will not pad a sentence with necessary anything; a straight shooter that can intimidate Chuck Noris. At the same time if you are a straight shooter to hi and give your best he is the nicest man you an meet. (If there are any typos they are mine as I transposed this myself.)

PO Box 455,
London, KY 40743
To whom it may concern:
Please accept this recommendation for the Kent Family Magic Circus without reservation.Victor
Kent and his family have performed at the Laurel County Fair consecutively more than any act
we have ever booked. The show is seof-contained and cost effective, and I would not be making
this recommendation to another event if it were not heart-felt.
Event committees are often stretched in many directions and do not have time to oversee the
responsibilities of the acts we book. Victor Kent and his family do not require your supervision
or monitoring. Simply show them the area to set up in, give them their shows times, and walk
away rest assured that everything will be alright. However, you might want to stop back by and
catch one of the performances just so you can be proud of yourself for making such a wise
Each performance of the Kent Family Magic Show is varied, draws large audiences, and engages
children and adults. Victor's ability to interact with the audiences is second to none. His family
members are as personable as they are talented and will surely please your committee and
Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any more information. But I can save you the time it
would take for you to call me by simply saying, you should book this show.
C.Douglas Phelps, Manager
Laurel County Fair

Calico Week 2

Week 2 in Calico. The drive up was faster than normal because we weren't hindered by the stupid laws that restrict speed and lanes for vehicles pulling trailers. We had left our trailer at Calico for the week. It acted as a bill board for our sponsor, Anti-Monkey Butt Powder. On the drive we were treated with a blast from the past...a patriotic VW.
We are so excited about a new stunt Jim and Olivia came up with. The two pictures below don't do it justice so I will try and get a better shot tomorrow...maybe even a video. Olivia climbs a pole and Jim balances here on his chin. SO Cool!

The kids had a little time to stroll the park a few times. Victor found fascination with the old canon. He loves guns. Especially historic ones.

The professor, Dr. Valadez.

Can you tell it is a Halloween Haunt event with this beauty?
Strangely, in spite of this being Halloween weekend it seemed slower this weekend than last weekend. Still we filled every seat and had standing room only at both shows today. It was a great day.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Calico Postings

HUGE CROWDS! We have been incredibly blessed this year in that everywhere we performed we pulled in great crowds. In some places the size was relative to the market. For example in Winchester, KY on a weekday after a heavy rain the fair had less than 100 people on the grounds and we had most of them at our show...huge for the situation. But for the fairs and amusement parks we worked this year the crowds have been relatively and visually large.
Here is a picture of a Calico crowd and this was from one of the smaller shows. I am happy to report that many people have come year after year just to see us. I don't say that to brag. I am just reporting what no less than 50 people told me personally. I also took straw polls before a few of the shows asking, How many of you is this your first Trip to Calico?...your first Ghost Haunt?...your first time seeing us? How many of you have seen us many times? Some folks even sent us some pictures...the ones with me and my nails and Jim juggling fire were sent to us by one such fan.
Once every five years we do our old time photo. Amelia and I are in our show costumes Jim, Miles and Victor are partially in their costumes and partially the shops. Olivia is in a shop costume. Victor is as happy as a tick on a hound dogs back since he has two guns in his belt, a bag of loot in one hand and a stick of dynamite in his other hand.
Fan sent picture. Human Block head.
Another fan sent photo. Awesome.
As we waited in the car line to get into the park on the first day we saw Alvin and his buddies frolicking around.

Amelia was too short so she jumped and I timed the shot just right.
My Aunt and Uncle from nearby Barstow are a couple of our biggest fans and always make time to come over to Calico and see us.
On a whim Jim decided to balance the 78 lb bed of nails on his face during the show. A hundred phone cameras appeared in the hands of the audience as he did it.