Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Holiday (Part 2)

As promised I have more for you from the Kent Family Holidays.  
Miles has participated in a tradition in Oroville for the last 5 years or so. He actually does two traditions that are similar but being in KY at the time of the first (Thanksgiving) he could only do the second this year. That is he helps at the Community Christmas Dinner open to anyone who wants a great turkey dinner Christmas eve, with all the fixings, I might add. It is especially for the less fortunate but anyone many for all economic levels attend. I even witnessed a few folks from the fortunate aisle give the Rescue Mission Pastor (the host of the event) financial donations and sit alongside people several levels down the financial scale as them.   Since I drove Miles to the event I decided to hang out and I ended up being a "seater"; like a waiter or maĆ®tre d. Miles served pies as is his tradition.  Below is an article about the event...the photographer snapped my picture while I was talking with the pastor and another volunteer. 

Christmas Eve....Below is a picture of the whole family, with grandma and grandpa, in front of the tree...there are so many of us it's hard to see the tree. 
Amelia found Miles' knit poncho from his Mexico Missions trip from last year in a box while the kids switched rooms around. Believe it or not they changed three rooms with a ton of junk around moving the corresponding kids with them. 

Olivia got her first haircut...OK, her second...she cut her own hair back when she was 2. Below is the before..

 And here is the ater....
With A few playful shots.....

A Cynthia tradition is to make banana pancakes.  She makes some of the tastiest pancakes ever.    

You may notice her hair is straight. She does that every once in awhile too. This was her look for church today. 

Mami and Cynthia model the little kids' Christmas robes. 

OK, I am not finished yet but I submit these as part of the narrative of our winter time together.  

While all the fun is going on we have been working on getting the bookings for this coming spring and summer and beyond. 

We had a couple of inquiries for TV this past year but nothing panned out on them and we had an inquiry to work 6 weeks for a zoo in San Diego but that too didn't pan out.   We shall see what 2013 has to hold. I can tell you it would be hard pressed to make 2012 look any worse than it has been, business-wise. But with the help of God, family and friends, we made it through, didn't we? 

More to come.....

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Catching Up (Christmas Holiday Part 1)

The title should tell you that this is going to be in at least two parts. The reason for this is I have pix and info on two different computers, not to mention my phone, so I will put what I have on my laptop (the computer I am blogging on now) and later my office desktop. So here she goes:

I suppose by many of the pictures you can see that a lot of the happenings at our house this time of year happens in the kitchen and the dining room. Lots of cooking, games and stuff.  

Since my memory is always foggy I will share with you a couple of things I don't have pictures of first.

We had a bit of a scare when Victor (he feeds and takes care of the animals, in theory), brought our small bunny , Harry Hare II, in from his cage with a major build-up of dry crackly stuff completely filling his entire ear and a little in the other ear.   Not knowing what it was I went to work with alcohol, tweezers, ear swabs, warm water and some to hold the light and another to hold the bunny. After fifteen minutes I had his ears cleaned out but  there was some bleeding and puss here and there. I washed it up and put topical antibiotics in the ears. Then I hit the computer and researched.  Serious ear mites!  I mean serious. So I set to researching treatments that would not involve a vet if possible since we are broke. I found that there really wasn't a need for a vet and the best solution was a solution of honey and warm water. The honey resists and fights infection and kills mites.  The treatment will continue for 29 days (not every day) so as to kill any that are in egg stage right now.  We then put Harry in a cage in my office to keep a close eye on him. He has been perky and his ears are looking really good. So it looks, as of now, that all is going well.

Mami and I are excited because we love OOOOOOld TV and the Game show network has put "I've got a Secret and What's My Line from the 50s and 60s back on late night so we have been enjoying that. Modern TV REALLY sucks so we are very excited to finally watch something worthwhile...they really knew how to dress back then.

OK so here are the pictures:

12/21/21...the Mayans or the folks who thought they knew what they were talking about were wrong!

Tradition: Sugar cookie decorating family party:

Fruit Salad Christmas eve....I started making this for Mami 24 years ago and we have kept it going for all those the kids are in charge....

Also the traditional cinnamon roll passed down from my mom;;;;;;;;;

My Christmas morning pose:

By the way a few days before Christmas Midori stopped by. I made home made ramen and she gave us the is hand cutout picture...the colored parts are dried leafs:

We received a package from Mami's family in japan and as always tore into it...all of us. As always it was filled with Japanese food items, candy and goodies of that sort. I got my usual Black Black gun, a very strong mint chewing gum.

 Day after Christmas a walk in the mountains....boy were we pooped afterwards...I had to take the hike since the winter break and good food had taken a toll on my girth.
 Christmas eve Grandma and grandpa came over for cholocate yule log creme center cake...homemade, of course.

A long time ago the kids had a Mummy party at my parents house and they wanted to relive it. It included finger cookies, dirty cake, mummy wrapping, watching the old mummy movies and then a sleep over. 

And throughout there home stay they play cribbage and Skippo all the time.  The can often get others pulled into the web of fun and gaming...but not me. OK, I played Skippo once. 

 Little Girl got stuck in a hanger.
Buttercup has a baby Brother or is a yellowish colored Ball Python, called a Pastel Ball Python.  Got it for a great deal from a big brand pet store that had it in the shop over a month and knocked a bunch of $$$ off. It is worth quite a bit more than even the regular price they were offering. But that is not here nor there...Olivia loved her Christmas Gift.

Now I still have more to show you and tell you but for now I will let it be as I have overloaded you with pictures and information....ok light on the info ....but more to come.