Friday, September 30, 2011

Titus CO Fair Day 3 -Spa Day- Big Crowds

Sunny's Nail Salon was where the girl's started their day. A fan from 4 years ago brought her family to the fair on Wed. and the girls hung out with her kids for a while. Then Sunny invited the girls over to her salon for a nail day.
They were ecstatic. that's all they talked about the last two days. And this morning their dream came true. They had a wonderful time.
While they got their fingers and toes done Jim and Miles were strolling around the fair for senior's day. Miles won hearts over as the penguin and Jim made them look up as the man in stilts.

Victor has made the strait jacket escape a regular part of his show now.
Look at that crowd. We have been blessed with big crowds at every show.
Back stage. While I am introducing the next act the kids lounge around like a lounge snake (pun for lounge lizard) waiting their turn or for the final curtain call.
And they called it snakey looooove!

MAle model Jim!

Crime and punishment.

Ever wonder how the skunk makes it on stage for when I do the skunk routine. Well, here is the culprit now tossing the rodent out on stage.
Nick under the pressures of the job.

Olivia is a hard task master. Nick wouldn't play with her so she cuffed, shackled and strangled him. We will send his remains back to his folks.
The vendor next to us is the Tai Kwan Do folks. Here is the owner displaying her feelings about our show.
Or maybe it was something I said. Like "Tai Kwan Do is nothing compared to Karate...."who knows???? I survive...when the swelling goes down.

Titus Co Fair....more pictures

Just some pictures!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Titus Fair Day 2 Nine Shows today!!!

We did nine shows in the morning, back to back, for the schools that visited the fair. Then two shows int he evening. ALl the shows were packed with people coming to watch us. Very flattering.
We are all tired, sunburn, and achy. It was a good day.
The clown here is Lanky. He is an awesome clown who is always on. One of the best clowns I've met.

This is Lanky's pierced belly button.
nick doing is swing then drop. Audiences love it. His hands got a good work out too. Olivia is doing fantastic on her aerial work too. Belle has become a pure pro hitting her mark and doing her tricks with ease. She did all 9 shows too and in 97 degree weather too.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Titus County Fair Texas Day 1

Mr Nick does Olivia's hair!
Day one at the fair....we arrived a little before lunch time but since we all ate late breakfasts we postponed that for an hour or two. The power on the northeast side of town was out so we had to deal with that as an early in the day issue. It mostly just affected the fans we use to keep the animals cool. Under the stage where there was a nice cross breeze worked out to be a good spot to put them.
The kids all worked out hard since we are coming off a two week break. It proved to have done the job because everyone nailed their parts in the shows. Only two shows today.
The first show started off with only one boyscout in the crowd but byt the time the show was over we topped 100 people. They were a quiet crowd.
The second show was standing room only and boy were they loud and reactive. It was awesome.

OK I tried the fly bar and I upper body strength at all but I have a cute belly button.

Hmmm.. reading? Sleeping? Ignoring the camera?
Victor nails the tightrope...not a flaw in the act.

I nailed my act too...literally!!

Belle takes a moment to give love to a volunteer.
During our two weeks off we went to trapeze school. Olivia has already added some of the moves her teacher taught this "by the ear" move.
This young man's family came to both shows and remember us from when we were here a few years ago. The mom has invited our girls to her show this week for a manicure. Cool. The kids hung out with each other for quite a while. They gad fun.

We are blessed with the opportunity to work with performer friends from recent past and distant past. Mike Mesmer and Wade Henry are here. There are some new performers we have never met before here too. I will try to get pix.
Well, the power was back on before the shows started and all went well. People in this part of Texas are really nice folks.
We have been blessed immensely this trip and praise God for it. We all send our love out to all of you.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Set up Day

Getting back into the Cnetral Time Zone "zone" is pretty hard. We all slept in pretty good today. But we made it to B-fast before it closed so all was well. Here at the Hamster Inn the Bfasts are really nice. If ever we put out an album here is our Album Cover. Everyone with a pose and attitude. The kids spent the day setting up the show and enjoyed a lunch of southern Brisket, bean, bread and butter pickles and more. In the mean time I enjoyed leftover cat fish as I stayed at the hotel and did the laundry.
The folks running the fair are good ole folks. When I went into the office to get our schedule and passes they all talked about the lunch that day and mentioned pickled okra. I mentioned I had been having a craving for that and the nice lady went and got me four...with an offer for more. They were very nice!

Ever wonder what a carousel looked like when it is folded up for travel?
Olivia doing her best cord on the cob impression.
Victor too.
While I was doing the laundry and running around picking up supplies Lanky the clown, our old friend form four years ago, stopped by an said howdy to the kids. He noticed that we had new faces (Nick and Lukas). He noticed that Nick didn't look like the rest of the crew...he was white. So Lanky went on a relentless clown attack on Nick. He will remember Lanky for ever.
A surprise to me was that Mt Pleasant is Dry....recently moist. What surprised me is that I heard these terms in Kentucky but I did not know that there were still towns outside KY that enforced prohibition. No booz in Mt Pleasant. So we had to drive to the next town to get the alcohol we need. (No I'm not giving the kids, even the 21 year olds booz. ) For those of you in the know I don't have to explain, for everyone else....remember, I AM a fire eater.
interestingly we had to drive to the next town to get the stuff. My GPS took me on a very interesting route that included a road the directors of "Deliverance" would have loved to use in the movie. It was overhung with trees, narrow, cow pastures flanking the sides, dusty, gravelly, and dark. It came out to the fwy access road and into the town with only 945 people. On the main drag almost every store was a liquor store. I bet most of their business comes from a town away. Ironically this is the only town (Mt Pleasant) where the Hamster Inn (Hampton) that has free beer at the Manager's meet and greet each night.
Well, that's all for now. Good night.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mt Pleasant, TX....Catfish and Cheap Gas

Once you leave California something magical happens...gas prices fall. In land-locked states where there is no facility to make gasoline, in states where there are no oil reserves. In states where the gas is imported from California. Makes one wonder.
Anyway, after another 9 hours of driving we are here. We set the show up tomorrow and start shows on Wednesday. After 2 weeks off we need the practice. Everyone is beat right now.
For dinner we had catfish, like we did four years ago when we first came to this fair. Same place too. It was fabulous.
Deep fried pickles. Not as salty as last time and crunchier. It's like they have improved the recipe since our last taste.
Cat fish, hush puppies, fries. There was also green tomato relish, black eyed peas, spicy and non-spicy beans, cole-slaw, etc. It was awesome.

Not sure why he is looking this way? He enjoyed his food. Though his appetite is small due to his stomach problems the day we left. he spent the night before sick and being sick all night long. He even got sick once (the first day) about 10 minutes from home. But he's been fine since, just a tender tummy.