Saturday, May 31, 2008

Banana Eating Foot Driving Hippie

OK...this story is from late last year so it isn't in chronological order but it is a memory we can't resist sharing.
To set it up you have to realize that my family and I drive over 40 thousand miles a year all over the US, Canada and Mexico. Though 98% of every trip is typical of any other trip. That much mileage lends itself to the opportunity to see the bizarre, the unusual, the crazy and the offensive.

(I should also like to mention on an aside that we also notice trends of drivers and cops. Like CHPs in Cali seem to be on a bust everybody more often roll...perhaps fundraising for the state. We would see maybe 1 stop per trip up and down the Cali hwys in the past but recently we see well over 6-10 stops along an 8 hour drive. Some may say it's because more people are driving unlawfully. Perhaps, but it doesn't seem that different than any year over the past twelve in regards to speeders and the number of nut case drivers...besides there is never a cop around when the nut-birds are driving by. )

While performing at the Sonoma County Harvest Festival in Santa Rosa, CA last Fall we missed our turn off from one country hwy to another in the wine country...I was probably gabbing away with one of the kid. Instead of trying to trace our steps back I knew the current hwy would take us to the freeway, 101. So We just drove on through. We pulled out of the vineyard covered foothills into a small town either Petaluma or Wilfred and drove the in town-hwy toward 101 when we stopped at a light. It was James who noticed the driver in the beat-up old faded red coup with the faded-weathered peeling anti-war stickers and unwashed windows. "Look at that guy. He's driving without his hands. He's holding the steering wheel with his foot!"
Sure enough the guy was reclining somewhat int he driver's seat with one hand behind his head and the other holding a half peeled banana, taking bites now and again. He gripped the steering wheel between his big toe and the others. We were stopped at the time so we thought he was fiddling around waiting for the light to change. (I should mention that our van has limo-black tinted windows so he didn't notice all six kids staring at him. )
When the light changed he pulled off actually steering with his foot, munching on the banana. We were heading the same direction down the sometimes residential, sometimes ruralistic, sometimes commercial road. So we had the wonderful opportunity to observe him. He had sandy blond unkept long hair. He had a few facial hairs that seemed to be all he could manage to grow.
After a while he noticed us noticing him and (still with his hoot on the wheel) gave us an annoyed look and sped off. Lights and traffic, however, always brought our driving diversion back to us and that seemed to annoy him to no end. When we finally reached 101 he merged onto the hwy and took off ; we don't speed so our National Geographic-like observation of the Sonoma County Banana eating Foot Driving Hippie came to an end. But the story lives on.

Hypnosis- Manteca HS Grad Night

Many of you might not know but I also perform a Hypnosis act. After much study and schooling (of sorts) I have put together a pretty good program. First time I did the act was at the Riverside Orange Blossom Festival back in 06. They never had a hypnotist before so the concept was new and the crowd a little apprehensive....especially since we were on one of the side street stages and not one of the main stages (reserved for bands); the main stage were also in the beer garden areas and the event is also a big beer event.
I managed one old man volunteer who was induced easily and performed amazingly. As a result others came up and gave it a whirl. The show went OK with many funny bits.
Fast forward to last night. I now have more shows under my belt, mostly grad night or corporate environment. Last night wins for least able to concentrate group EVER. During the induction when they are supposed to stare at a point or object most couldn't maintain a gaze for more than 3 seconds. I lost all but three subjects. All but one of those would remain as I brought in a new group and did a faster shock style induction. Overall I had four subjects; 2 for the main body of the show and two for a dangerous stunt afterwards...walking on glass.
The 2 in the main body of the show wee awesome. Andrea and Josh. If I had even 2 more like them it would've been even better. Still the show went well and many came up afterwards to talk about hypnosis, particular routines, and stunts.
This season includes 3 more grad nights before we shift to a pure fair and festival and Cristian summer schedule.
I should mention that grad night shows start sometime after midnight. Last night was scheduled to go at 3 am but was brought up to 2:30am due to many students leaving the facility early. I was told almost half had left before we arrived. None left during the show.
Now...Look into my blog...stare at a point somewhere on the page. Concentrate and relax! You are getting sleepy...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Silver Dollar Fair (Day 3)

Day three is always the toughest day at a fair. For some reason everyone is tired. By day four everyone has slipped into the groove and things are awesome. But day three is the toughest. Regardless we had a blast! Magician JC Dunn came out to say howdy. Spending time with such an optimistic lovable man is always a treat. Our long day schedule gave us the time to see some of the other acts or meet the other performers.

(Left:Backstage at the fair)

Cowboy Ken and his train takes folks all around the fair. He's a nice man and a ton of fun to talk to.

The Russell Bros Circus....their last name isn't Russell and they aren't bros but they have a great show

The Professor....

side show extraordinaire....

Barnum through and through.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Silver Dollar Fair

We are and have been at the Silver Dollar Fair In Chico, Ca for the last two days.
In spite of the tough economy and really unusually cool weather the attendance has been good. And our audiences have been outrageous. We have a full crew out today though yesterday Princess Cynthia was out as she had a track meet. Actually it was the Northern California finals where she finished 1st in the 100 hurdles...she's going to state!
In spite of her absence the shows yesterday were great. The hard part was the weather. Cooler and windy! Sometimes it was like preforming in a hurricane. Ever tried eating fire in swirling winds? Not easy. Props took flight a couple of time too. Regardless on those things the audiences were fabulous and made every performance worth while.
Today was the same but add an occasional shower. Princess Cynthia was back so our levitation was back in the show. Though all the tricks came across really well the one that seems to be audiences favorite is my "Balloon Sword Swallowing". It's a riot to watch the audience watch me do the stunt.
Even though the weather is cool and windy it hasn't been terrible. The only negative is a sound man who has been with the fair for years. He is one of those guys with an artificial smile and cheer in his voice when he says hi. It's like he practiced it in front of a mirror to hide his true dark side. Over the years him and his very evil-hearted boss (You would agree after 10 seconds with them) have damaged our equipment and tried conning us. Today the rather hefty man with the phony smile (I keep thinking that oldies hit "Smiling Faces, Smiling faces..sometimes don't tell the truth..." ) took one of our speaker cords and slammed it down on the ground thinking no one was watching. (I was right behind him.) I confronted him and he pretended he hadn't done anything. When I asked why he threw it down he denied doing it and walked off. Yes, there are really people like that. What irks me the most is his claim to be a Christian. No wonder Christianity is looked on by some as a group of hypocrites. I am here to tell you that smiling faces who call themselves Christians are not always so...don't blame the church for the fools who claim to be a member. Anyways, we run into people like this from time to time and though they don't make a gig any bit easier they do give me an excellent opportunity to show my kids how not to act.
I have to compliment the fair manager for the acts this year at the fair. There is an awesome marionette puppet group, a ands on science group, a really cool historic blacksmith thingy, a monkey show, a black bear show, and a rattle snake show. There are a couple of local bands the best being Cottonwood. I highly recommend you hiring them if you have a party, fair, festival or other event. They are really nice guys too. Wouldn't be surprised if they were Christians.
For a family at a fair (from a performance perspective) long waits between shows can be a bore. But if you prepare they can be educational. In the past we would visit the animals and ask 4h kids about breeds and rearing. Other times we just go and meet other performers and vendors (Always a good time). Met a lumber jack once...the stories. He told us of his travels and the time during his lumber jack show how he cut through his foot straight on with a long handle ax. He finished the show and went to the hospital. He missed one day but was back at it with bandages under the boot a day later.
Today we visited the an who had the side show tent with the two headed thing. ALIVE! We visited the other circus. We visited the rattle snake show and we strolled the animal pavilion.
More to come...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jubilee Day 2 and 3

I don't think it is difficult for anyone coming to Jubilee on the Ridge to immediately feel the presence of God by merely pulling into the parking lot. The majestic pine and cedar trees that surround the church brings home the majesty of God. And the mountain air scents and freshness are so wonderful.

The church is in the process of building their new sanctuary and with remarkable patience (not going into to debt for it) the new building year by year comes closer to completion. (Last year it was a steel frame skeleton, this year there are windows and stucco, thought the inside is still just a skeleton.) That means we are holding our program in their older building basement. The ceiling is low so juggling and bull whipping can be difficult but Jugglin' Jim and Miles have adapted to the task admirably.

Each day each of the Kent kids gets to present one or two of their routines and I get to present the main "meat" of the program. "Meat" here meaning the message. For example on Tuesday night we focused on the bible verse (found in Romans and Isaiah) "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News (the gospel)". In other words, a person who shares the gospel are blessed with a Godly beauty...and remember God judges inside out not like us ,outside-in.

So I wore my big latex feet to make the point. In the picture you can also see the large double edged sword. The bible says the Word of God is like a double edge know cutting through to the truth and able to defend against the lies and attacks of Satin.

Limbo, Simon Says, and Heads up Seven-up are the games of choice.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Jubileee on the Ridge- Word Explosion

For our 4th or 5th or perhaps even 6th year (it all blurs together) we are back in Paradise, CA performing and presenting at the Jubilee on the Ridge Church. Basically it is a Christian program we do here.

While the parents are attending a conference or mini-crusade style program upstairs we present a fun program down stairs with illusions, juggling, all the stunts we are know for and games. We mix Christian messages with the whole thing. One major message we push is "Children, Obey your parents in the Lord, for this is good." We give lots of visual illustration for the programs so the kids can have better recall of the scripture and messages we present.

Today I introduced portions of Romans 1. If you haven't read it you should. It is a real eye opener.

The great thing about these style programs beyond the honor of serving God, is that the programs are high volume in material presented. In other words we do a lot of stuff. As a result we have to tax our mind's creativity to come up with new ways to present old things as well as to just come up with new things ( I am referring to the tricks and routines...not the message...though we may come up with new ways to present a message...or the Holy Spirit may just gift us with revelations to impart to the kids. No that doesn't mean it is anything "new" apart for the bible. We are strict constructionists and believe the "Word" is unchanging. If more people did that instead of bending the Gospel to fit their agenda the world would be a beautiful place.) We also do music, action songs, and fun games like limbo and extreme Simon Says.

Anywho! Sundays are always small at Word Explosion because it is mostly just the local congregation. But starting tonight the numbers will increase.

As I mentioned these type of programs due to their high content volume gives us a chance to work on new material. So tonight we will work on our new presentations for the introduction as Miles as Indiana Miles with his tiny bike and the large rolling globe chasing him (Ala the first Indiana Jones movie). The parody should be hilarious...we will see.

More to come...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 16 Anza

Anza is a little town up a steep hwy past boulders and tumble weeds in the high desert of Riverside County in California. In 2005 we ventured up the "hill" to the quaint but very beautiful little town. They enjoyed our show so much we were invited back again and May 16 was the day!

April of 2005 was the last month we used our 1999 Chevy Express Van (15 passenger) because we would buy or 2005 version of the same van that May. We have discovered these three years that the older van was "happier" hauling a trailer than the 05 was. That goes doubly so on hot days. May 15 of 2008 marks the first hot spell for fact, to the dismay of Global Warmists ( a pseudo-religious group who believe man has the power to affect Global climate), it has been a very cool year. The heat and the hauling made the 05 Express van hit the warning zone on the gauges twice on the trip and three times that number we turned off the aircon and turned the heater on (turning the heater on acts like a second radiator to cool the engine water).

Of course that makes the trip a little less comfortable. Fortunately the little ones didn't complain. I've got great kids.

We left home base at 4:30 Am and drove the 10 hours smoothly (with the exception of the heating) and made the Hamilton High School Auditorium just as school let out. It was amazing to see so many kids in a town that from the hwy looks to small to have that many kids. I found out the biggest business in town is the Dairy Queen. i also found out that Anza is on a hiking trail that starts in Mexico and ends in Canada. Apparently hundreds make the trek and Anza is an Oasis for the hiking nuts (BTW I am a hiking nut really have to be a nut to do these kinds of also have to have some kind love of this land God created). In the earlier days the Marines would march from Camp Pendleton through Anza all the way into the San Diego Basin Area. Built stamina...and calluses.

We brought the van and trailer around back and loaded the 90 minute show in. While the big kids loaded the smaller two and I stayed out of their hair. After the load in we set up...even the small ones participate. But more often than not they are set down to draw. Dinner time rang in about then so the ate as well.

Though we perform similar shows (the same stunts, tricks, and routines) at almost every show tweaking them to fit the performance area, theme, and show type. Still every show is different. Made so by the condition of the performers (tired, well rested, etc) and the audience ( every town has it's personality). This audience broke itself up where the kids sat on the auditorium floor in front of the stage and the parent sat off to the sides. That meant the parent let there kids be rowdy if they wanted to be. It wasn't a major problem but I had to pretend Johny didn't say this or that "Mary" didn't do that. (It's a talent I have developed over the years...ignoring the ones who need ignoring.) Otherwise the crowd was awesome; spirited and happy. They responded well to the whole show.

Many people wonder how routines develop. Artists hate it when lesser performers watch their act then steal their material. We hate it because the development of a routine could take years of trial and error, years of testing bad ideas and good ideas until it becomes a masterpiece. The Great Larimay of Oregon stole a routine a do at fairs after watching our stage show two years in a row. One local Magician in my hometown brought a note-book to one of my shows and wrote down the stuff he liked. i mention all this because we tested a new idea last night in Anza that turned out to get a great reaction. Miles performs his Whip routine under the tongue-in-cheek name "Indian Miles". When I introduce him I build him up to be rather cool. Well, Miles also does strolling clown/balloon twister at fairs (you have to be flexible in show business). As a clown he rides a teeny tiny little bike. Well, we thought it would be fun if Miles rode out on the tiny bike after I introduced in a grandiose way. He rolled out honking the horn. It was hilarious.

Paking up went smoothly and we were off to our hotel in Temecula. The idea was to wake up early the next morning and drive back over the LA Nat'l forest mtns before it got too hot for the van. 4;30 was the goal but the goal was given up and a new one was set: 6:30AM. My wife wonders how I can get all the kids in bed, bathed and happy in 30 minutes. I tell her, I just tell them to do it and they do. (FEAR!) Likewise we were up at 6 and on the road by 6:30 (clean and farely well rested.) OK not entirely well rested. Princess Olivia had a bad night....which meant I had a bad night. A bought with a sour stomach left my bed unsleepable in and kept me up a couple fo hours. The plus part is there was a great Edward G Robinson movie on. I fell to sleep before it ended...bummer.

We beat the heat and in rare form we arrived home before dark.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Daddy you can't eat the little boy!"

While at Calico a father of a young child who watched our show related the following story to me.

To put the reader on the same page I will first relate the trick the child was talking about.

We have an illusion called Boy to Bunny (the props we use were once owned by Mark Wilson of 1950s-1970s TV fame..though he used them for a totally different illusion). In Boy to Bunny Victor Jr changes from a boy into a 23 pound Flemish Giant Bunny in a very funny and entertaining way. When we perform this illusion it is one of the most talked about after the show. Kids love the whole little boy to bunny thing and parents are baffled as to how it is done. Also the sight of a bunny that big is always a surprise. How real the illusion comes across is about to be illustrated:
The little girl in question was telling her dad that the little boy changing into a bunny was her favorite trick. Her dad commented on how big the bunny was and how good bunny might taste. The little girl looked up with concerned eyes and said, "Daddy, you can't eat the little boy." Her dad just then relaized that the illusion was real to the little girl and quickly said he was only teasing and that he would never eat that bunny because he knew the bunny was really the little boy. (Dodged a bullet.)

A couple of hours later a little boy noticed me standing next to a piano talking with one of the performers from another show...the piano was next to the restaurant door. As he and his mom came out of the resaurant the little boy looked up and me and asked me how Victor Jr could've fit into that rabbit costume. (Mind you the rabbit was real....albeit 23 pounds.)

Monday, May 12, 2008

May 11- the last day at Calico and life on the road

On the road as a family act has it’s advantages and disadvantages as I am sure anyone can imagine. As the dad you don’t get to do the after-event, jam sessions, and late night events that many single act entertainers get to take advantage of. You also have dirty diapers, food for an army, sleeping arrangement problems, a hundred bathroom breaks while driving, and sometimes during a show, grumpy children, sleepy children, moody dad and children, clutter, etc, etc!

Driving to Calico when it was just Jugglin Jim and I back when Jim was little James we made the trip down to Yermo, California in about eight hours. That was 11 years ago. Today with five or six kids ranging from 2 to 18 years old the fastest we can do it is 8.5 hours…but it’s more like nine and something hours now. The extra weight of bodies and luggage, plus the added props in the trailer has also dropped our gas mileage and raised our food bill. Not to mention the odor factor in the car. Not that my kids stink. But with the kids (one in diapers) , the chicken, doves and two rabbits (one over 23 pounds) the van can get pretty ripe. My first word’s to anyone getting in the van with us is…”Excuse the varied odors!”

Hotel stay is easy because everyone has learned the system. That system is a conglomeration of rules, responsibilities and duties. Each child learns hotel edicate (no running in the halls or rooms, no jumping on beds or from beds, no talking loud in the room or halls…even in the day time for those truckers or travelers who are sleeping late…etc). We even have a bathing order. Since we don’t like to go to restaurants too often we usually buy microwavable food at the grocer and cook in our rooms, so there are rules and orders there as well. Hotels are nice because most often there is a pool and hot tub! After a full day of being on our feet performing nothing cleanses you faster and more complete than a dip in the pool and hot tub…and it tires the kids out and they sleep like angels. I should mention that we never reveal what hotel we stay at and we don’t stay under our real names (for security). For those of you who travel a lot here are a couple of tips. First, bring a microwave and a George Forman Grill. Some hotels don’t have microwaves. Also carry plenty of water form home…don’t drink local water…your body isn’t used to it. Don’t eat the shrimp! A few years back when Jim and I performed alone at Calico we had dinner one night at Sizzlers. We both had a shrimp meal. Midway through the meal we both started feeling full, in fact, bloated. By the time we were back at the hotel we were feeling bad. The rest of the night our bodies spent expelling the shrimp from both directions. This continued through to the next day. I remained ill for about a week. But, Jim was better by lunchtime and had a big bowl of Calico chili. He even showed it to me. That night I had to drive the 8 hours while suffering the ills of food poisoning…I know every bathroom between home base and Calico.

Fortunately, this trip had no ills. However it did have one injury.

We introduced walking on broken glass about six months ago and have used it often. In fact, it is becoming a regular part of our fair shows. As one learns the technique and becomes more comfortable with the stunt one adds to the stunts taking it to its limits. In our version, I walk on the glass then jump on it a few times. Then Miles does the same. Then Victor. And more recently so does Princess Olivia. To climax the stunt I jump from platform onto the glass. Once you know the technique and practice it the risk of injury is very little. But there is still risk. I mis-stepped when landing from the platform and (unknown to the audience) ran a shard into my foot. It left a centimeter long by centimeter deep slice. I really didn’t realize it myself until I sat on the platform after the stunt to wipe the residual glass from me feet and realized I was leaving a footprint of red on the stage. OK, I exaggerated. It was only a blotch or crimson. The burning hot sun-soaked stage floor sealed the cut and felt great. Needless to say we cut the stunt for the next two shows and Miles did the platform jump climax at the last show.

Well, the numbers at Calico were low this Mother’s Day. I blame it on the gas prices. What once coat us less than $100 to drive now took us nearly $400. The high gas is making the on road services like food expensive as well (truck drivers have to be paid to bring the stuff to the stores). Hopefully the prices will stabilize and come down. Here’s to wishing!

Here is what we performed at Calico-
We made Victor Jr balance on a sword at the back of his neck. I pounded a nail into my head. Princess Olivia made a dove and a rabbit appear then she flattened the bunny. Princess Amelia burst a light bulb with her mind, devinated the color a person from the audience was thinking of, choose the right frog, and told three people from the audience what card they were thinking of. Victor Jr. performed a comedy rope tie then changed into a 23-pound bunny then back again. Indiana Miles bullwhipped items from my mouth and hands and did it once while balancing on a large ball. I swallowed a balloon sword completely and then pulled it out my rump, I walked and jumped on glass, as did a couple of the kids. Miles laid on a bed of nails while his siblings stood on him then had a brick broken on his belly. I made money (lots of it) appear in the air with the assistance of a kid from the audience. Jim juggled fire, bowling balls, apples, axes, knives and bean bag chairs; some of it on a 5’ unicycle. Miles and Jim had a straitjacket duel. A bantam white silkie chicken name Phyllis vanished and reappeared in a bucket held by and audience member. Victor climbed into a cardboard box and had 26 spears pushed through it…and survived. I had a chain pulled through my neck by a couple from the audience. I ate fire and blew fireballs. In one show I caused a smoking pipe to multiply into 4 pipes and I introduced a new ball, silk, and dove routine.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

May 10 Calico Ghost Town

If you want to have a great family vacation with lots of fun stuff to see and do and perhaps even learn about American Mining and cowboy history then Calico is for you. We have been performing here for 11 years. Every Mother's Day weekend Calico has it's Spring Festival-Bluegrass Festival.
This is Princess Olivia (2)'s first trip to Calico and with Jim reaching College age, possibly his last for a while. So the atmosphere is very different on a personal level. On a public level the gas prices seem to be keeping people from driving out to the desert...attendance is low. Still the crowds at the four shows today were very nice.
Princess Olivia has decided that she can come on stage anytime she wants so the surprise factor of the show is high. Fortunately her cute factor wins over the audience and no harm is done.
Victor is introducing his escape routine.
We are also presenting our walking on broken glass here for the first time. The jump onto the glass from the platform is really getting great responses. Likewise, the balloon sword swallowing and the comedy byplay is a hit and is new this season.
Back to the glass. Princess Olivia has joined in the walking. As I said her surprise factor is large. At a show we performed for a private home on a lake the day before Easter this year we presented the glass-walking stunt in our usual fashion. When finishes (after I, Miles and Victor walk and jump on the shards) Princess Olivia came out on stage barefooted, she placed her shoes next to mine and took up a stance next to the glass. Ever since she expects to be in the routine.
Princess Amelia's mind reading...particularly the naming of three cards from a deck she never touches, I never touch except to hand to the audience (never again to touch it) is a phenomena.
It's incredible to watch.
Back to today's particulars. As usual Calico air dries out our skin, lips, cuticles, etc and we have to drink a ton of water. Fortunately nobody has suffered any ill effects. The Calico dust also coats everything and no matter how hard we work at keep in our stuff clean it gets filthy.
All the show went exceptionally smoothly with no notable bads or goods.
I have been starting the show with my new ball manipulation routine the climaxes with a dove production. excellent reception.
Back at the hotel it was pool time and the hot tub was awesome!
We should all sleep well as we had 4 back to back shows and had to share a stage with a bluegrass band...sharing stages means more work and the time between shows seems to shorten and we get rushed. Show biz!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 7

Coming up on the departure for our 11th season at Calico Ghost Town in Yermo, CA. That's near Barstow on I 15 towards Vegas! Their Spring Festival has gone by many names and changes. It's currently a Bluegrass Festival with our show as a variety point of interest. We draw 100-400 people per show. In the early days there were tobacco spitting contests and other similar politically incorrect things to see and do but that has changed. It's still one of the best family values with old fashion charm.
This year we will present 4 shows on Sat. and 4 shows on Sun. New to Calico this year in our show is the walking on broken glass, balloon sword swallowing, the cargo cage, Miles' Bullwhip while on a 24" walking globe, and a sample piece of our "new-in-development" medicine show. The same borderline irreverent (toward the postmodern humanists) humor and clean family entertainment will remain.
The preparations include loading the small trailer with the show props and illusions, backdrops, sound, etc. loading the van with the animals, snacks, Hometown water (never do drink the local water anywhere....always carry a whole bunch of home water or we buy the bottled stuff...a great travel tip...our bodies need time to adjust to local do the animals.), our personal gear and all that stuff.
As always Calico is one of the family's favorite gigs and we always look forward to the shows, the audiences, and the locale. It's doesn't hurt to have a relative or two living in the area to visit. The kids love to hit the rocks, caves, hills, and shops. And the staff, like the audiences, are great people to work with. Most especially Wayne and his family. He is one of the rangers/maintenance/jack of all trades guys there who always leaves us a welcome note in the backstage of the Livery Stable stage.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

On The Road

This is our initial entry. The Kent Family is made up of me...the father-ring master of sorts. More specifically I am the illusionist, comedian, fire-eater, side show geek, glass walker, nail bed layer, balloon sword swallower, human block head, etc, etc, etc.
There is also Jugglin' Jim (18),the stilt walker, unicylclist, jugger. Princess Cynthia(16), the box jumper. Indiana Miles, the bull whip artist, bed of nails layer, glass walker, fire-eater, magician, tiny bike rider, side show geek. Victor Jr (6) the escape artist, magician, rock-n-roller. Princess Amelia (4) the mind reader. And Princess Olivia (2) the animal worker...she amkes doves, bunnies and chickens appear and vanish.
We travel all over the country with occasional trips abroad.
This blog will give a day by day (when possible) journal of our travels while we are on the road. It may be interesting or borining. Only time will tell.