Thursday, February 19, 2009


On the robbery we have filed all police reports and insurance info. we have also given local pawn shops and antique stores information and are checking ebay and craigs list to catch a theif. A couple items are one of a kind so all the dumb theif has to do is try to publicly sell them.

The calendar is filling up...PTL

Public shows only are listed Private and corporate shows are NOT listed. If yo would like us to consider performing at your event give us a call 530-532-7933

Jubilee on the Ridge Feb 21-22 6pm(Paradise, CA)
Magic for Mexico, EV Free Church March 06 7pm(oroville, CA)
Plumas Ave School Stage Show Fundraiser March 19 6pm (Oroville, CA)
Colusa Family Festival -(Colusa Co Fairgrounds) April 4
Bayhills Church (Elsabrante, CA) Aprill 11-12
Corning Community Church Kids Outreach April 12-15 evenings (Corning, CA)
Lemoore Pizza Festival 10am-6pm April 18 (Lemoore, CA)
FRRPD Fundraiser, Oroville Municipal Auditorium 5pm (oroville, CA)
Feather Fiesta Days Jubilee on the Ridge Word Explosion May 3, 4 6pm (Paradise, CA)
Glenn County Fair (CA) May 14-17
Silver Dollar Fair (Chico, CA) May 21-25
Yuba City Aquatic Park June 11
Gold Sox Baseball-3rd Annual Circus Day (Marysville, CA) June 27 (PM)
Laurel County Fair (London, KY) July 7-11
Beech Bend Amusement Park (Bowling Green, KY) July 13-26
Ulster County Fair (New Paltz, NY) July 28-August 2
Quassy Amusement Park (CT) August 3-16
Wolcott Fair (CT) August 22-23
Calico Ghost Town (Yermo CA) Oct 23-25,30-Nov 1
Hemet Mall (Santa Arrival) 11am-1pm Hemet, CA

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Have you ever been violated? Has someone encroached on you, taken things from you, taken away your security? Well, in these fine days of "Hope and Change" some jerk smashed a window in Jugglin' Jim's car and stole his cart that contains most of his act...over $1500 in props. They got in the trunk and stole his guitar, a present from his mom and I for his birthday 3 years ago. And to top it off they stole his was in a zipper pouch so I think they thought it was an electronic device or man purse or something. Still over $2K gone plus a busted window (on a rainy night) and peace of mind trashed. Satan is alive and well and lives in the acts of jerks like this. All this happened early this morning right in front of our house. Police report is filed but what can they do.
I hope in my deepest being that they truly needed the stuff to sell for food or medical help. reality is it was for kicks and money for less than noble causes. Tomorrow car alarms, a massive halogen light, servalence cameras on my roof and the real estate page in the paper.
A bit of good news. A man at our church heard about the incident and brought Jim a new guitar today. Wow! Also we have a lot of practice juggling equipmentthat can stand in for the more expenseive stolen stuff and the other stuff can be ordered for now. Still the question is WHY!?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jim Pace Lecture:

Jim Pace and Victor Kent

Traditionally magicians learn their craft from each other. Sharing and teaching. On Feb 10th I had the lovely opportunity to attend one of these lectures in the wonderful town of Martinez at the California magic Company...a magic dinner theater and magic shop ( The teacher or lecturer is the world famous close-up magician who specializes in restaurant magic and hales from Portland....Jim Pace.

Victor and Gerry (owner of California Magic Company)

Because of our crazy performing schedule it is rare I can attend a lecture or convention so this truly was a treat. The fact that we could attend a gathering of performers in SF in early Jan then the magic castle last week and Jim pace's lecture this week was a very fortunate pleasure. Jugglin' Jim attended with me on the rainy 2.5 hour drive ...but worth it.

Jim's skills are out of this world. His humor and routines are audience tested and strong. We loved every second of the lecture. Being a public blog I won't go into detail of what we learned and what was taught, let it be sufficient for me to say there are at least two things that will be added to my repertoire. When I say that I must caveat that Jim and I have totally different performing styles so when the routine or trick finally makes it's evolution into our show (the only evolution I believe in) it will be a bit different from Jim's.

Another great thing about lectures is that the teacher always brings items to sell. Most the creation of the lecturer. Yes I partook.

While at the lecture I had the chance to meet many kind people and meet up with old acquaintances and friends. Jay Alexander and (Glenn) Al Catraz from the January gathering were there. And I met many members of the local SAM (Society of American Magicians). I also met Gerry the owner of the California Magic Company and Dr P who will be performing at the theater next week. If you want a special treat take your family to the California Magic Company on Castro Street in Martinez if you get the chance...heck make the chance.

Master Pace, Jim Pace, Dr P, Jay Alexander, Victor

I also met a man named Ian from Tasmania. He and I bonded at once since we are both of Scottish decent.

Victor and Ian

Jim Pace had his son along and though he didn't perform he was a very nice and polite young man with a keen sense of humor.

Back to Jim. He is an extremely well practiced coin and card man. His sleight of hand was poetry. I wish I could express it better but I can't so you will have to go to Portland and see him live or see if he has anything on Youtube.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Monday Night at the Castle

Sunday night was fun. It was Super Bowl Sunday so the crowds were small....good for us because we got to see all the acts and got to meet the performers and got to be more casual with the people we met (busier nights would have made all the more difficult). Not so good because the whole atmosphere and energy is different when you have large enthusiastic crowds.
Monday was a bit busier but the crowds were still small enough that we missed nothing and were able to spend more quality time with other performers and lay folks visiting.
We got to watch the 2008 Close-up magician of the year, Paul Green and later the actor-magician Jonathan Levit in the close up room. Both were great....Leveit was insane. Very funny show. In the Parlour of Prestidigitation we saw Geoff Williams but due to the small crowds and a change in schedule we missed Rob Watkins. Geoff was a hoot. He does a very funny show and his highlight is a routine with borrowed money, a beautiful girl from the audience, him dressed as a MN postal worker, a pack of cigarettes, and matches. All the makings of a very enjoyable show.
In the Big room....Palace of Mystery we saw Comedian-Juggler, David Deeble (liked him so much we got his DVD), Arthur Trace (impressive manipulation act) and Joseph Tran, dove magician and illusionist. Joseph is a second generation Vietnamese American...after his dove act which is done in silence he walks to the apron of the stage and speaks for the first time. In a broken English with a heavy accent he talks about coming to America and coming to the Castle to learn magic and English....then he breaks character and speaking in perfect English admits he was born right there in Southern Cal. He got big laughs. He had a large entourage of family and friends int he audience. In fact, his mother sat next me and was very animated throughout her son's performance. I got at least six hugs from her during his act.
I also got a chance to take in the music room or Irma's room. In here there resides a ghost that plays the piano...and it's not a player piano. You can ask "Irma" to play just about any song and she does. Through the keys you can even have a conversation with her where the keys (notes) make words, so to speak. For example, when I asked if she was there the notes rang out "yes, I am" and when I tipped her by putting a dollar or 2 in the ghost-bird bird cage not only did the invisible bird tweet for me but Irma said, "thank you" with the notes.
Only one downer the whole night was a rude host who seemed to be incapable of simply responding to people's inquiries without trying to be "witty" (which I witnessed twice to be down right rude. ) The rest of the staff were stellar and professional to an impressive degree. The Director, Mark, can be very proud of his staff (minus the one). The three different Hostess' or receptionists that we met of the 2 nights were fabulous people to have at the front. The bartenders were friendly and fun. The bus boys and restaurant manager and staff where very kind. And the other host(s) I met were top notch.
As I mentioned before, the Magic Castle is a private club. To be a member you have to show your seriousness about magic by auditioning. You don't have to be great...just serious about the art. On Monday night we met four young men who were all trying out for membership. Each were nervous but held their own in the bar (only board members get to be in the auditions). The board made them wait a bit and so in my wanderings of the castle I bumped into them many times and chit chatted or showed them a stunt or trick. As I waited to go into to see a show I noticed the guys were gone. But a few moments later they emerged from the auditions and with glee each exclaimed they had made it. Wohoo!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More on the Castle>>>>

Who would think I would spend Super Bowl Sunday at the Magic Castle. Deep in the bowels of the Castle in what makes up the WC Fields bar and other assorted rooms is the Inner Circle where members gather to do lectures, get togethers and a number of other sundry things including gather for a Super Bowl Party. We arrived at the start of the last quarter and enjoyed crowd watching as the place lit up when Arizona began an incredible run. I think most in attendance were supporting the cardinals. That fire was quenched in the last minute when the Steelers made an exciting last minute pass and catch and took the trophy!
By games end it was time to catch the first shows. Well, almost we missed it by 5 minutes so we headed off to the first Parlor Show and caught comedy magician, Kerry Ross. I should mention here that the audiences here are made up of lay people (non magician who had passes, many having come for the awesome dinners at the Castle) and magicians (both members and non-members. Kerry amazed and entertained the audience completely.
We then caught the Palace of Mystery show featuring three magicians, Eric Buss (as the MC) , Danny Cole and Ron Saylor. Though all the acts were awesome (REALLY) I was most impressed with Danny's show. He has a fertile mind and has a very unique act. Still Eric Buss was funny as heck! Ron was the illusionist and did a fine job. We missed the close-up magic of Alfonso but did get to chat with him a bit at the table Dai Vernon used to perform at. We performed for the lay folks and a few of the other entertainers in a strolling atmosphere...I also pounded a few nails into my nose for them.
The last show we caught was with Paul Draper. He performed a fun show that starts with him playing an Indian flute and ends the same but as a Pied Piper leading us out. He's playing in Vegas this week at the Venetian.
More to come....

Magic Castle---there and back again

Prior to the Castle JC performs for a Hollywood Blvd Shop keeper
So did I!

OK, Maybe I performed the Blockhead stunt...a lot!

The Magic Castle

In the Lobby with Bonnie, JC and Stephanie (Receptionists)

Geoff Williams, JC, Victor, Paul Draper


At Hollywood Magic the Shop keeper nails me with a nail!

A whirlwind tour. We spent 2 days in Hollywood and got a chance to meet many wonderful people. Prior to the evenings when the castle opens we visited local shops and did a bit of window shopping and "freaking" of the people. We performed little tricks here and there and brought a little fun to the otherwise Boring Hollywood Blvd. OK...boring it was not!
I am pretty sure, though, that very few celebrities hang out around here. It is a tourist spot through and through with the multitudes of souvenir shops, out of work actors dressed in character costumes taking tips for pictures, out of work actors handing out brochures, star maps, etc, homeless people asking for handouts, hookers and a bunch of other colorful folk! We even had one homeless guy who talked to himself follow us about for a while. The best thing is we found a donut shop between our hotel and the became a frequent stop for me over the two days. Next to the donut shop was a Medical Marijuana den. (The donut shop must do great business when the munchies hit the "patients" next door. ) The MJ shop was boldly decorated with large neon signs of the familiar 5 leave herb and other signs to make it obviously clear it was there.
I will continue this thread tomorrow with stories of the performers and our own little performances.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Magic Castle

It is my first trip to the Magic Castle. We made it here in great time even with the CHP pulling people over left and for the State. Dinner consisted of donuts on the way to the castle. JC Dunn (life time member) brought me in as a guest. we got to watch the last 10 minutes of the super bowl in the inner circle (club house) and then we made the rounds of the shows meeting many wonderful performers. Tomorrow I will post photos and list the acts and kind people we met. All I can say is that it was a wonderful evening but boy am I tired.
Blessings to all.