Thursday, September 12, 2013

the Long and the short

OK....still have my cold from KY.....everyone else is either over it or close. Back spasm lisfting tire into the Rv yesterday.....stilll killing me. Blew out a second tire on the RV two days ago. That means every tire on the rv is now new.  The crook from Bozo Auto service in Santa Rosa, NM charged me $200 cash to lift our rv so we can change the spare for the blown out tire. Advice-----buy a 23ton Bottle jack for $50 and safe yourself from the jackals. He conveniently didn't have a receipt book...are you listening IRS?
That makes the total for repairs and replacement for the $6000.  That includes the two trailer tires we replaced yesterday in Holbrook AZ. Both C load bearing tires.   Why they make these cheap tires I don't know.  One man told me to stop buying US and Japanese tires , I haven't had a single one from those countries last 2 years. So the new tires are Chinese.....I was told they are doing a better job then us now...that makes me sad.   I only buy the d load tires now for the trailers (3500 load bearing)
We dropped Jim off in Holbrook to be the robot for their fair. It's on the east side of AZ he will do 4 days. We are in Kingman to do 3 days with the family show. My friend, Bill Jackson, drove our extra van out to Holbrook and met us there yesterday to give Jim transportation and to help us with the work in Kingman.
He is a prince and a hero.
We are all set up now in Kingman though it was a bit slower w/out Jim or Miles. Or both.
Still we are set to go.
Good news is we got a contract from Calico so we will be there  for one weekend. I don't know what we did to piss the marketing mgr off to initially not want to hire us. We have 16 years of fan base and I didn't want to let them down. SO we will be there for at least that one weekend.  We love Calico. Been going there since I was a kid...have relatives down there. The employees and ans are awesome. But it is run by the county and by some people who didn't grow up knowing the good ole days. So c'est la vie. We will do our best to keep the good ole days for the wonderful people who come.

Here are a few pix.

Monday, September 2, 2013

today Olivia turned 8

 I gave her all the choices in the world and she chose taco bell as her special lunch today.