Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Broken Arm and The News

Today was looong. Good news and bad; but not drastic.
The day started with the local news coming out to video tape us and interview us about the up coming World Circus Day. That went well up to the point when he was setting up the camera and Victor Jr. in his haste didn't follow all the safety protocols on the low wire tight rope slipped and fell, his arm between the wire and his chest causing a break in his right radius.  I noticed it first as Victor stood up. I said (calmly as I took his hand), "You broke your arm." He replied matter of factly, "Yup".   He was calm and with a high pain threshold wasn't in much pain. He went to get his mom to take him to the ER as I calmed the Newsman down who was worried and not sure what to do next.  He was truly concerned and a sweetheart of a man. But since we have 7 kids and a circus is a place where accidents happen, and life has given us various emergencies, we were all calm and knew what to do.  Besides, I am better at the big bad things then little annoyances.  If it was a hangnail or scrape I would have reacted worse.
(More on Vic Jr. below).
The newsman stayed and we cut some more tape for his segment and it turned out rather nice.  Since Victor's fall took some time and footage from the edit he used some video from our past TV experiences to fill in some spots on the News segment.

He didn't even wince at the shot of pain killer....2'needle into the fracture!
Notice his fingers are in finger trap like devices holding his hand up and there is a 10lb weight holding his bicep down...from this traction the doctor set the bone....not so much as a peep of pain.
We were at the ER for nearly 7 hours but everyone was nice. We were out by 5:25, did a Taco Bell run as we headed to church for Victor to participate in a favorite activity, AWANA. We made it on time.
My folks fixed some great homemade "Grandpa's soup" to come home to and that made both Victor Jr and I very very happy.  Alas, all is calm....bedtime.

Oh, I posted the new robot video on Facebook but not here so here it is. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Robots and Stuff

Tonight we went to City Hall to be presented a Proclamation for our presentation of World Circus Day IV 2013. We even got to perform a bit. 

We met Bob Marley's Godson who was being presented a New Business certificate. He has opened a Jamaican Restaurant here in town. Wonderful guy.  
Monkey-bot: Maximus Gluteus arrived today.  The kids had a ball unwrapping it. 

 The kids participated in the AWANA Grand Prix on Saturday. I was the Emcee. Olivia won for original design: The carrot.

CC and Miles had a track meet on Saturday. CC came within .2 seconds of making week she'll do it. Regardless she came in first. Miles was heading to get a Personal best but tripped on the last hurdle and bruised himself up pretty good. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Catch for fans and relatives who don't do social media:

 Miles at a show at His College.....

 Cynthia about to chuck a big metal ball at a track practice....she does the hepathalon
 Miles' helping at track.....he does the hurdles now like his big sis ...even the 400 H
 Showing off shoes
 Spear Chucking
 Miles...grace and form...not...but he loves it.
 Cynthia Happy with Nori
 Out of order.....Miles' show
 This is our newest robot due to arrive on Monday. Facebook fans and Amelia named him: Monkey Bot: Maximus Gluteus (Since ANti Monkey Butt is our sponsor and paid for a good chunk of him notice in the other pix of him his various monkey decals.
 Miles and the group of kids who run with the College President (Dean)

 New hair cut......yikes

 Miles at some event

 Jim Flexing
 Vic jr in the Birdie pose

 Olivia   getting better all the time.

 Homeschool nature center Bidwell Marina

 Cookies sent to Miles and CC
This was a front page pix for the Colusa Newspaper for the show we did this past Sat. 

 The little ones and I did a forage walk to make a wild salad.

 Marshmallow men and things

The salad made of foraged was tastY

 This your card? Bobbi thinks so...